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Ensou City

Ensou City: Central The centre of Ensou City spreads in all directions as a lush park, the sky overhead obscured by a translucent plexiglass dome interlaced with steel framework, partially muting the bustle of the city without. Brown, packed earth paths are lined with small grey cobblestones, winding and intersecting across the gently rolling greenery of the park lawn, providing numerous walking avenues for patrons, now and again shadowed by towering fir trees that grant a bit of shade in the warmer times of day. To the southwest of the circular area, a small pond has been dug, sparkling with crystal-clear waters as a fountain sprays merrily at its centre, casting ripples across its surface, the gleam of coins from the wishful barely perceptible in its shallow depths.

Ensou City: North Towering skyscrapers line the road leading north from the park at Ensou's centre, looming like sentinels over the city's administrative district. A raised walking path crosses the broad main street in a few places, allowing easy access from the park to the northern gate of the city, leading to Route 501. Notable here is the presence of Ensou City's city hall, as well as the Kasei region's very own monorail station. Standing tall, the building straddles the elevated monorail track that encircles the city, allowing for long-distance travel to and from this hub of civilization. A concrete fountain splashes lazily at the centre of Union Square, before the city hall, creating a soothing bubble of calm amid the hustle and bustle of the otherwise busy streets.

  • Route 501 - To Port Nuovo

Ensou City: East Undeniably, the jewel of the eastern quadrant of Ensou City also happens to be - perhaps by coincidence - the Kasei region's largest Pokemon Center, telltale crimson roof readily seen from a distance to ensure that its location is well-known to trainers visiting the area. A great glass facade allows nearly full view into each of the building's three stories, replete with sliding doors and a scrolling, colourful banner of light announcing various important happenings within the Center. The main road of the city runs lazily from east to west, skirting the hospital and hotel to connect the park at the city's center with the brightly-lit eastern gatehouse to Route 505. Numerous side streets branch from the central road, leading blithely toward the northern and southern quarters.

  • World Battle Frontier
  • Contest Hall
  • Route 505 - To Skygrove City

Ensou City: South Neon signs and brightly-coloured billboards mark this quadrant of Ensou City as the entertainment district, packed to the gills with restaurants, stores, and attractions for the idle traveler. The green, flashing marquee of the Ensou Bar and Grill offers a ready source of a hot meal for anyone passing by, while further down the block, the red, blinking neon of Club Ensou fires up at night, one of the city's most popular hotspots. The Lakeside Apartments rest astride a western road leading out of the city proper, a gatehouse proclaiming it to be Route 525, the only access point to Lakeside University. The main road continues south, ending at the gatehouse to Route 511 and the spacious southern portion of Kasei itself.

  • Lakeside Apartments
  • Route 511 - To Shale Valley, Senarch City, and Tayou Temple
  • Route 525 - To Lakeside
  • Club Ensou

Ensou City: West The buildings of western Ensou are relatively low to the ground, in comparison to the skyscrapers found to the north and east. Nonetheless, the structures here gleam with bright steel and glass, numerous storefronts advertising their wares in bright signs for passerby. Nowhere is this more prevalent than Ensou City's Pokemart, domed roof shining a rich royal blue against the otherwise achromatic backdrop of the city, making it instantly identifiable. Wide windows offer a view into the building, revealing countless shelves and racks of everything from medicines to poke balls and battle items, as well as everything in between. The main road forks toward the west, a northern branch leading to the small gatehouse of Route 519, while the main western branch proceeds through a broad arch leading to Route 525 and Lakeside University.

  • Route 519 - To Bayou Bay
  • Route 525 - To Lakeside
  • Silph Co. HQ

A pokestore is located here.

Port Nuovo

Positioned neatly upon the northern shore of Kasei where the coastline angles northward, Port Nuovo was one of the first edifices of civlization developed during the settlement of Kasei, and it remains a key point of entry for anyone immigrating from northern regions. The docks that are positioned on the shoreline seem to have a neverending stream of nautical travel entering and exiting the city, bringing in supplies and people and all manner of things, and allowing a similarly diverse set of departures; truly, Port Nuovo is the keystone in Kasei's import and export business.

The town that was built to allow the local workers and their families a place to stay has a decidedly modern feel to it. Metal and circuitry seems to factor heavily into constructions, with most buildings boasting at least metallic supports that prevent large-scale destruction in case of a flooding season, and neon lights posted on most buildings. Even casual examination reveals Mawiles and Elekids, Aggrons and Mareeps; the people of this city certainly do love their steel and electric types, and the architecture of the town makes it clear that the pokemon that have been raised by the trainers in this area have been put to good use and raised well.

Three different routes stretch out before travelers seeking to continue with their journey. To the west, Route 523 parallels the coastline and leads toward Bayou Bay, whereas Route 502 to the east bridges a small river as it leads toward Skygrove City. Route 522 leads over the water to the north, toward the island refuge of the Iced Flamingo Resort. Finally, Route 501 leads south toward the centerpiece of Kasei civilization, Ensuo City.

  • Route 501 - To Ensou City
  • Route 502 - To Skygrove City
  • Route 522 - To The Iced Flamingo Resort
  • Route 523 - To Bayou Bay
  • Tesla Academy
  • Fire House
  • GYM: liveWIRE

Leader: Toya Hiro

Senshin Monastery

While it is not entirely fair to call Senshin Monastery a 'town', per se, there are many features that would normally only be present in such establishments; there is a pokemon center even out here in this barren oubliette, and there are sleeping quarters and a training arena in which to test one's skills and mettle. The lack of distractions from the outside world make this a fine place for the training of body and mind alike, and the various training facilities to this end suggest that residents constantly strive for a state of personal perfection that might simply be unattainable under other circumstances. There are only two routes leading from Senshin Monastery, both heading east; Route 516 leads northwest to the chill climates of the northern Ginrei mountains and Shale Valley, while Route 518 leads straight east through the heat of the southern mountains toward Senarach City. A small path wends to the southwest, away from the main oubliette, leading toward the greater facade of the Monastery looming in the distance.

  • Route 516 - To Shale Valley
  • Route 518 - To Senarach City
  • GYM: Senshin Monastery

Leader: Drake

Dovetail Town

This place carries the dual distinction of being both the easternmost town in all Kasei and the least-understood. Dovetail Town is definitely off the beaten path, nestled deep in the deepest of woodlands. The buildings and homes are simple and sparse, almost spartan in their design, though the occasional exception rises above the others, likely places where some of the region's more eccentric individuals choose to make their homes. One of the more prominent features in this area is the Soul Sanctuary, an ancient temple casting its shadow over the town from a high hill, characterised by dark wooden frameworks and sweeping, graceful architecture.

There are only two routes leading away from Dovetail Town. Route 507 leads northward toward Route 506 and Skygrove City, an arboreal town set in a somewhat less unusual and mysterious atmosphere. By contrast, Route 508 will lead travelers away from the forest altogether and toward Tayou Temple, a paragon of diversity in all its forms.

  • Route 507 - To Skygrove City
  • Route 508 - To Tayou Temple
  • Opal Night Club
  • GYM: Soul Sanctuary

Leader: Liam Day

Iced Flamingo Resort


The desert oasis, the jewel of Kasei, the Iced Flamingo Resort. This place is known by a number of names, but all of them speak to the opulence of the higher-class establishments that pepper this town's streets, with tall neon signs that are visible from the opposite shore at night and majestic, themed casinos and restaurants that beckon to anyone with a spirit of adventure who has the courage - and the money - to discover what they have to offer. There is no shortage of entertainment to be had, with nightclubs and theaters and all manner of other distractions eager to take in the curious and give them the time of their lives; after all, what happens at the Flamingo, stays at the Flamingo.

That is, of course, unless you go further into the city, past the glamorous edifices that give the Resort such a reputation. Only then will you see the true fact of this town, and it is quick to lose its lustre; small, somewhat run-down homes house those who choose to make this place their homes, most commonly because they are the ones who work the resorts, the ones who deal at the tables and bring free drinks and cook lavish meals. Even the single casino in this part of town is more nondescript than the flashy ones that face the shore, a source of hope for those who seek to be on the other side of the table someday.

Of particular note is the fact that the Safari Zone is housed in the eastern portion of town, easily accessible by either half of the incongruous population. Wild pokemon are captured within, though the rules set forth by those who run the establishment require a decidedly different strategy than the one to which most trainers might be accustomed. Enterprising owners have sought to draw this place into the glamour of the city's face, but simple geography denies them that victory; there just isn't any way to truly remove it from the general populace, though they're less likely to frequent it due to their lot in life.

Two paths leave this place, both aiming southward. Route 522 leads east, back toward Port Nuovo and the technological majesty it offers, with cruise ships departing daily with the well-to-do who seem reluctant to leave. By contrast, Route 523 leads south toward Bayou Bay, running through rockier waters and leading toward what some might see as a less desireable destination, though the voyage is mercifully free thanks to financing from Kasei.

  • Route 521 - To Bayou Bay
  • Route 522 - To Port Nuovo
  • Road to Hotel
  • Parking to Casino
  • Path to the Beach
  • The Safari Zone
  • GYM: Aqua Garden

Leader: Maya O'Neil-Morgais

Senarach City

On a parallel with Tayou Temple for the southernmost city in Kasei, this city came into being largely due to a fierce spirit of determination and an unrelenting drive for excellence. Despite being settled into the none-too-hospitable Ginrei mountain range, despite the proximity of the nearby desert land and the heat that accompanies being so close to such arid climates, the people of Senarach City have a never-say-die attitude that has brought into being one of the most impressive feats in all of Kasei: a thriving town in the midst of what would otherwise be an untenable geographical position.

The construction of this city is a testament to the devotion and will of those who choose to make their homes here. Tall buildings provide long shadows that cover the streets and provide welcome shade from the sun overhead, and small mounds of rubble here and there offer a hint that the pioneers that chose to create Senarach City did not so much go around or through the mountains as tear the very peaks themselves down in order to make room. While all of the customary accoutrements are present - a pokecenter, shops, homes and the like - there is also a conspicuous theme of competition and personal strength. More than one gymnasium can be found within the city limits, and motivational posters encouraging people to give all they can are posted within; the lazy tend to congregate elsewhere, but the strong-willed easily find a place here. Only the renowned Senarach Hot Springs run counter to this philosophy, rewarding a hard day's work with much-needed relaxation and comfort.

Whether for good or for ill, the distance between Senarach City and most other towns means that the Kasei police force has a tertiary presence here at best; there is a police headquarters, but it is frequently stretched beyond its limits in an attempt to keep order. Might makes right is often the word of the day, and while crime is kept underground by residents who want to live peaceful lives, it's known throughout the region that you can find almost anything in Senarach if you look hard enough and know the right people.

To the west, Route 517 leads further into the Ginrei Mountains and toward the desert climate of the Senshin Monastery. Route 514 takes travelers underground through winding tunnels to reach Shale Valley, and Route 512 heads back to the civilized comforts of Ensuo City and all points north and east.

  • Route 512 - To Tayou Temple, and Ensou City
  • Route 514 - To Shale Valley
  • Route 517 - To Senshin Monastery
  • Warehouse
  • Senarch Hot Springs
  • GYM: Fiery Dragon Kitchen

Leader: Delsere Moreau

Bayou Bay

Bayou bay.jpg

The city of Bayou Bay rises directly from the swamp that is its namesake; Pokemon Center, homes, businesses and restaurants alike are elevated upon networks of smooth, modernized stilts and precisely-arrayed struts that keep the edifices well above the murky waters. Numerous wooden-planked paths intersect throughout the city, at some points sturdy walkways and at others simply rope bridges swaying languidly in the breeze. To the north, the swamp gives way grudgingly to the sea, bright and shining in the distance, promising passage to the Iced Flamingo Resort. To the east, a lone pathway whips sharply, skirting the fine line between coast and bog, while to the west, a low hillock of marshy earth rises, the outline of an enormous plantation house visible in the distance.

  • Route 520 - To Ensou City
  • Route 521 - To The Iced Flamingo Resort
  • Route 524 - To Port Nuovo
  • Buizel's Burrow Bar and Grill
  • GYM: Quagmire Plantation

Leader: Melissa Clayton

Skygrove City

Tied for the role of easternmost town in Kasei, this arboreal city shows off a number of architectural feats that go unmatched anywhere else in this region - or, for that matter, in most other regions. For starters, it's built well past the border of the forest for which it's named, and while trees have indeed been cleared to allow a scant few buildings to exist, the landscape has otherwise seen very little in the way of alterations in order to allow people and pokemon to live here unimpeded on a daily basis. Still, while the trees are numerous, the canopy is patchy; some areas are covered by dense branches that almost serve as a natural roof, while other portions have coverage light enough that the branches might as well not be there at all.

The layout of Skygrove City could almost be said to be vertical in nature. While many of the local pokemon don't require assistance to scale the trees thanks to this area being centered around Grass and Flying types, there are rope ladders and the like strung from the tallest and thickest oaks, inviting humans to scale them to reach the homes and businesses built into the dense wood. This place seems to have been made with the idea in mind of remaining copacetic with nature, and while this does mean that the thickest trees wind up being used in lieu of buildings some of the time, the impact is minimal and an earthy, natural feel seems to pervade even more sophisticated setups like the pokecenter.

Several routes lead away from Skygrove City. Two of them lead out of the forest; Route 503 will lead back in the direction of Port Nuovo and afford curious travelers a chance to scope out Kasei's center of industry, while Route 504 will instead lead toward the capital city of Ensuo. Route 506 is the odd one out in this circumstance; it instead leads south toward the deeper forest, where civilization is far more sparse and much of the map is still unexplored.

  • Route 503 - To Port Nuovo
  • Route 504 - To Ensou City
  • Route 506 - To Dovetail Town
  • Skygrove Day Care
  • GYM: Genesis Solarium

Leader: Arianthe

Shale Valley

Shale Valley has become a fine settlement, able to exist on its own merits despite its geographical distance from most other bastions of civilization. Currently, this town is set up with all manner of digging equipment; rock- and ground- types work alongside humans and machinery in order to mine the earth beneath their feet and discover what treasures it holds. Cranes and steamshovels work throughout the day to move vast quantities of dirt, and tunnels underground are mined by hand with humans and pokemon working together to produce a more delicate and discriminatory result.

A small shop has positioned itself outside the entrance to one of the larger passages underground, serving as a mining facility for those trainers and civilians alike who would try their hand at excavating, with the opportunity to keep coveted stones and fossils that might be unearthed within. Meanwhile, the Shale Valley Museum stands low to the ground, framing the western portion of the city with its sombre architecture, altogether a quiet, understated presence.

Route 515 leads west, winding its way toward the desert enclave of Senshin Monastery. Those wanting a shortcut to Senarach City can take the winding Route 514 underground, and Route 513 leads back to the comparative comfort of the grasslands and Ensou City.

  • Route 513 - To Tayou Temple, and Ensou City
  • Route 514 - To Senarach City
  • Route 515 - To Senshin Monastery
  • GYM: Shale Valley Museum

Leader: Xevryn Morgais

Non-City locations

Lakeside University

Shale Valley Research Institute

Tayou Temple

Darkmoon Island

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