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With funding from Lakeside University, The KSG, Kasei Scientific Group, was able to officially open the Shale Valley Research Institute with the intention of bettering the region and moreso the world through scientific study, choosing the town of Shale Valley as the prime site for the facility as its remote location and sparse population, both human and pokemon, make it moderately safe for large-scale experimentation without disrupting the nearby residents. S.V.R.I. specializes in the study of nearly every field of research that pertains to the Pokemon world ranging from pokemon paleontology, archaeology, botany, biology, inter-species behavioral studies, fusion physiology, etc. A full-time staff is generally on-site for ease of accessibility and adequate lodging is also provided for those who prefer to stay on for extended terms of study and freelance researchers are welcome and encouraged to use laboratory facilities pending authorization. Guided tours of both the museum and institute are available daily are free to the public.

The museum section is generally a showcase of pokemon fossils as well as a documentation of historical progress in the Kasei Region both technologically and socially. A fully-functioning fossil reanimation machine is also on-site to further aid in understanding previously thought extinct pokemon and their behavior. Numerous specimens excavated from the surrounding Ginrei Mountains line the halls of the museum and various exhibits and displays give fascinating information regarding the area the exhibit is built towards. Located directly above the primary complex, the Shale Valley Pokemon Gym be found, kept and maintained by the institute's staff. Trainers who claim victory here against the Gym Leader are awarded the Ingot Badge.

Current Staff

Dr. Xevryn Morgais, Facility Director & Gym Leader

Maya O'Neil-Morgais, Botany & Environmental Geology

Alex Meckleson

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