Shale Valley

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Shale Valley has become a fine settlement, able to exist on its own merits despite its geographical distance from most other bastions of civilization. Currently, this town is set up with all manner of digging equipment; rock- and ground- types work alongside humans and machinery in order to mine the earth beneath their feet and discover what treasures it holds. Cranes and steamshovels work throughout the day to move vast quantities of dirt, and tunnels underground are mined by hand with humans and pokemon working together to produce a more delicate and discriminatory result.

A small shop has positioned itself outside the entrance to one of the larger passages underground, serving as a mining facility for those trainers and civilians alike who would try their hand at excavating, with the opportunity to keep coveted stones and fossils that might be unearthed within. Meanwhile, the Shale Valley Museum stands low to the ground, framing the western portion of the city with its somber architecture, altogether a quiet, understated presence.

Adjacent to the Museum, sitting above and behind the structure, a large white stone building with large windows beneath grey-shaded solar panels resides. On the forward wall, a series of a letters are etched into the stone in a pattern that reads Shale Valley Research Institute. A smaller connecting sections descends down into the rear portion of the museum, leading those with a sense for direction to surmise that entrance into the Institute would be through the museum itself.

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