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The desert oasis, the jewel of Kasei, the Iced Flamingo Resort. This place is known by a number of names, but all of them speak to the opulence of the higher-class establishments that pepper this town's streets, with tall neon signs that are visible from the opposite shore at night and majestic, themed casinos and restaurants that beckon to anyone with a spirit of adventure who has the courage - and the money - to discover what they have to offer. There is no shortage of entertainment to be had, with nightclubs and theaters and all manner of other distractions eager to take in the curious and give them the time of their lives; after all, what happens at the Flamingo, stays at the Flamingo.

That is, of course, unless you go further into the city, past the glamorous edifices that give the Resort such a reputation. Only then will you see the true fact of this town, and it is quick to lose its lustre; small, somewhat run-down homes house those who choose to make this place their homes, most commonly because they are the ones who work the resorts, the ones who deal at the tables and bring free drinks and cook lavish meals. Even the single casino in this part of town is more nondescript than the flashy ones that face the shore, a source of hope for those who seek to be on the other side of the table someday.

Of particular note is the fact that the Safari Zone is housed in the eastern portion of town, easily accessible by either half of the incongruous population. Wild pokemon are captured within, though the rules set forth by those who run the establishment require a decidedly different strategy than the one to which most trainers might be accustomed. Enterprising owners have sought to draw this place into the glamour of the city's face, but simple geography denies them that victory; there just isn't any way to truly remove it from the general populace, though they're less likely to frequent it due to their lot in life.

The Iced Flamingo Island is currently only allowing humans on if they are taking classes to learn how to fuse. At first due to the take over of Aquestis, but following that, the owner saw a chance to make money in making it the center of Fusion gathering and shopping.

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