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On a parallel with Tayou Temple for the southernmost city in Kasei, this city came into being largely due to a fierce spirit of determination and an unrelenting drive for excellence. Despite being settled into the none-too-hospitable Ginrei mountain range, despite the proximity of the nearby desert land and the heat that accompanies being so close to such arid climates, the people of Senarach City have a never-say-die attitude that has brought into being one of the most impressive feats in all of Kasei: a thriving town in the midst of what would otherwise be an untenable geographical position.

The construction of this city is a testament to the devotion and will of those who choose to make their homes here. Tall buildings provide long shadows that cover the streets and provide welcome shade from the sun overhead, and small mounds of rubble here and there offer a hint that the pioneers that chose to create Senarach City did not so much go around or through the mountains as tear the very peaks themselves down in order to make room. While all of the customary accoutrements are present - a pokecenter, shops, homes and the like - there is also a conspicuous theme of competition and personal strength. More than one gymnasium can be found within the city limits, and motivational posters encouraging people to give all they can are posted within; the lazy tend to congregate elsewhere, but the strong-willed easily find a place here. Only the renowned Senarach Hot Springs run counter to this philosophy, rewarding a hard day's work with much-needed relaxation and comfort.

Whether for good or for ill, the distance between Senarach City and most other towns means that the Kasei police force has a tertiary presence here at best; there is a police headquarters, but it is frequently stretched beyond its limits in an attempt to keep order. Might makes right is often the word of the day, and while crime is kept underground by residents who want to live peaceful lives, it's known throughout the region that you can find almost anything in Senarach if you look hard enough and know the right people.

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