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Previously existing as an unnoticed island sitting off the northwestern coast of Kasei, the island became the birthplace and key lair of Team Umbra , an organization that would go on to bring the region to its knees in its bid to destroy the whole of reality. Following the destruction of Umbra's super-weapon, the Deimos Trigger, and ultimate defeat and disbanding of Team Umbra, a clean-up and recovery effort led by Team Terra successfully made the island hospitable again. Shortly thereafter, the Kasei League took control of the island, and opted to build the Kasei League Hall directly atop the site of Umbra's final defeat.

Presently, Iced Flamingo offers a beach-side ferry service to the island that lets trainers off at the entrance to Victory Road, where they can embark on the perilous trek to the top of the island, where their next challenge awaits...

The Elite Four

The silver spire that houses the Kasei League Headquarters also serves as the stage for trainers' last obstacle before the Championship. Comprised of the leaders of Teams Solar, Terra, Lunar, and Stellar, and specializing in the typings of their respective organizations, The Elite Four are said to be among the strongest trainers in the region.

Pepper - Grass, Ground, Bug, Rock

Maya - Dragon, Fire, Flying, Fighting

Sashae - Electric, Dark, Ghost, Ice

Xevryn - Water, Poison, Psychic, Steel

Like many other regions, The Elite Four can be challenged in any order, but with only 1 team, and only after defeating them may challengers claim the right to face their their final obstacle...

The Champion of the Kasei Region


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