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Cute little Pepper...though she's a bit older now.

Name: Pepper Sinclair

Species: Vulpix-Fusion

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Height: 5'

Occupation: Breeder

Favored type: Small!

Affiliation: None


Important Pokemon

Isamu - 'Brave'
Yuuki - 'Gentle hope'

Common Fusions

Pepper has never tried to fuse with anything, and is truthfully rather uncomfortable with the idea. She was born a Vulpix, and will probably always be a Vulpix!


Pepper was raised in England rather than Kasei, the only child to a Flareon-fused father named Dietrich, or Dirk, and a Ninetales-fused mother named Amy. Her father is active in the military, and always seemed rather frustrated with his daughter's reluctance toward fighting in general. Far more interested in books and friends, she just didn't care about getting any stronger. Finally, he decided to send her to Kasei, where she would have to make her own way and, hopefully, toughen up a little. She isn't completely alone, however...she has two cousins already in the area, Adam and Kant.


Not terribly fond of actively training, Pepper has instead decided to try and become a good breeder. Her first Little Cup tournament was a great boost to her confidence in this, since she managed to do quite well with her little team of fighters.


To sum it up in one word...timid. Pepper doesn't like conflict, and is rather shy. That said, she's also very protective of her little pokemon, and has become quite fiery in her efforts to defend them when she felt they were threatened.

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