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Nestled into the southeastern corner of Kasei is Tayou Temple, a tall edifice that stands even above the highest treetops, enough that it can be seen from the main road leading south from Ensuo City. A clearing of some size has been carved out around it to leave plenty of room for those who would inevitably seek it out, as - thanks to its status as the Normal-type temple - it is home to a wide and varied assortment of pokemon that have a veritable plethora of different needs to fulfill. Still, it is this variety, this wide array of species that draws many visitors to this area.

The temple itself is really quite large, enough that a maintenance team is specifically required for its upkeep. Constructed of brick and adobe, it was clearly created to stand against the elements and any other misfortune that might befall it, and the tall spire that leads up to the bell on high is supported by metal beams that keep the weather from being a factor. While it is true that this is a temple in a sense, it is more a tribute to a concept - that of diversity - than to any proper deity, and so no religious symbols can be seen. Instead, effort has been put into making this place very functional; a large building to the side of the temple serves as quarters for groups of visitors, and a fenced-off area elsewhere provides refuge for any pokemon who may wish to seek shelter from the wilderness for a time, with a sign clearly declaring that any pokemon present are not to be captured or battled under penalty of law.

Indeed, this place seems to have its own small detachment of police, and the pokecenter prominently featured near the fenced-off area for pokemon suggests that this place could comfortably operate on its own for a short time if the need arose...which, thanks to the proliferation of different pokemon that call this area home and would help in any circumstance of emergency, it will likely never have to do. Whether you need a Ditto or an Eevee, a Tauros or a Lopunny, those who manage this temple can almost always tell you where to find the assistance you seek.

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