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Positioned neatly upon the northern shore of Kasei where the coastline angles northward, Port Nuovo was one of the first edifices of civlization developed during the settlement of Kasei, and it remains a key point of entry for anyone immigrating from northern regions. The docks that are positioned on the shoreline seem to have a neverending stream of nautical travel entering and exiting the city, bringing in supplies and people and all manner of things, and allowing a similarly diverse set of departures; truly, Port Nuovo is the keystone in Kasei's import and export business.

The town that was built to allow the local workers and their families a place to stay has a decidedly modern feel to it. Metal and circuitry seems to factor heavily into constructions, with most buildings boasting at least metallic supports that prevent large-scale destruction in case of a flooding season, and neon lights posted on most buildings. Even casual examination reveals Mawiles and Elekids, Aggrons and Mareeps; the people of this city certainly do love their steel and electric types, and the architecture of the town makes it clear that the pokemon that have been raised by the trainers in this area have been put to good use and raised well.

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