Skygrove City

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Tied for the role of easternmost town in Kasei, this arboreal city shows off a number of architectural feats that go unmatched anywhere else in this region - or, for that matter, in most other regions. For starters, it's built well past the border of the forest for which it's named, and while trees have indeed been cleared to allow a scant few buildings to exist, the landscape has otherwise seen very little in the way of alterations in order to allow people and pokemon to live here unimpeded on a daily basis. Still, while the trees are numerous, the canopy is patchy; some areas are covered by dense branches that almost serve as a natural roof, while other portions have coverage light enough that the branches might as well not be there at all.

The layout of Skygrove City could almost be said to be vertical in nature. While many of the local pokemon don't require assistance to scale the trees thanks to this area being centered around Grass and Flying types, there are rope ladders and the like strung from the tallest and thickest oaks, inviting humans to scale them to reach the homes and businesses built into the dense wood. This place seems to have been made with the idea in mind of remaining copacetic with nature, and while this does mean that the thickest trees wind up being used in lieu of buildings some of the time, the impact is minimal and an earthy, natural feel seems to pervade even more sophisticated setups like the pokecenter.

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