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The gyms function as the representatives of the Pokemon League in the Kasei Region. Each one represents a dual-typing which - while not always complementing each other in battle - make up a unique set of schools all their own.

PC Leadership is denoted as appropriate. If you wish to apply for a gym yourself, please read the Gym Application and muck-mail a plot staffer located in +staff.


Qualifier Challenges

To initiate a Gym Qualifier Challenge, you must be standing in one of the eight Kasei Pokemon Gyms. Before you can challenge the Leader, you must first defeat four of the Gym's trainers in a Qualifier Challenge in a back-to-back gauntlet with no healing between battles. Your items will be temporarily disabled for the duration of the challenge, but you will be given four Hyper Potions, two Full Heals, and two Revives to use during the course of the Challenge. All pokemon are forceset to level 50 for the duration of the Challenge.

+gymchallenge: Begins (or continues) a currently engaged Gym Qualifier Challenge.

+abortchallenge: Aborts a currently engaged Gym Qualifier Challenge.

Note that the Pokemon League, as a national organization, disallows fusions from competing in official League events owing to their superior strengths over normal pokemon, and thus fusions CANNOT participate in Gym Qualifier Challenges.

Gym Leader Challenges

+leaderchallenge: Put your name on the waiting list to challenge a Gym Leader. You must be standing in the appropriate Gym and have completed the Qualifier for that Gym.

All pokemon are set to level 50 for a Gym Leader Challenge, and fusions cannot participate.

If you win the Challenge, you receive that Gym's Badge. If you lose, you must retake the Gym Qualifier Challenge before challenging the Gym Leader again.


  • Type: Electric/Dark

Senshin Monastery

  • Type: Fighting/Ground
  • Current leader: Vacant

Soul Sanctuary

  • Type Ghost/Psychic

Aqua Garden

  • Type: Water/Ice

Fiery Dragon Kitchen

  • Type: Dragon/Fire
  • Current leader: Sue

Quagmire Plantation

  • Type: Poison/Bug
  • Current leader: Hank

Genesis Solarium

  • Type: Flying/Grass

Shale Valley Museum

  • Type: Rock/Steel
  • Current leader: Vacant

Gym Leader Commands

+saveteam: Saves your current team to a profile that may quickly be loaded later, even if the pokemon are in a PC box. Note that all pokemon must have at least one element of your Gym's types, or the profile may not be saved.

+loadteam: Loads a saved team for the next battle.

+saveteamclear: Deletes a saved team profile. (Just the profile, not the actual pokemon.)

+leaderchallenge: Use in your Gym to view the current list of challengers, and to accept challenges.

+gshift: Toggles whether you are on-duty or off-duty with regard to accepting gym challenges. If you are on-duty, expect to RP and/or battle prospective challengers to your Gym!

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