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Name: Titan Smith

Species: Fusion

Gender: Male

Age: 23

Height: 7'

Occupation: Gym Leader

Favored type: Fire

Affiliation: Port Nuovo Pokemon Gym



Easy enough to be seen over the top of the majorities' heads, Titan stands at a looming 7'. His headfur/hair somewhat always sticks up in a tuft that never seems to be tamed no matter where he's going, or what he's doing. The cream fur is kept out of his eyes, and he ends up taming the fluff behind his head by tying it into a pony tail. His orange ears stick up out of that fluff as they twitch about.

A black vest adorns his chest, keeping that white chestfluff somewhat in check as it kept his stomach concealed from view. A moderate build would describe the Arcanine, more accurately; he's more of a light body builders - fast, yet still strong. The black stripes on his back are hidden from view, but the ones around his biceps are visible.

Cargo shorts keep his decency in check as well as giving him lots of places to put things! Though the clothes keep the black markings on his thighs hidden from view, the cream fluff of his tail can be seen through his legs as it curls up, and hangs behind him a good bit. It's always somewhat messy as there's just way too much fur to do much of anything with. Wrapped around his ankles, cream fur poofs out like fire trailing behind him as he walks.


With Port Nuovo being the prime site for nautical endeavors, imports, exports, and anything to do with the sea; one of the last things you'd expect to see would be a fire type fusion. Titan, being born a fusion, was usually a point of interest within conversations that the shipmates would have when they would be people watching. Though the young Growlithe fusion paid no heed to their chatter, as he had something to get done. He wanted to live his life how he wanted to, especially if he wanted to get himself into the role of a Gym Leader.

As he was growing up, his parents were there for him; through they were a bit too cautious about their son's adamant behavior. No matter what other people would suggest, or offer him; he'd do his own thing. While normally, it wouldn't be that bad; he would end up doing things the wrong way some of the time. As the years went on and on, he eventually finished his schooling and moved out of his parents place; keeping his place of residence within the port. The exciting allure of parties was like a magnet to Titan who wanted to live his life to the fullest.


Now that Titan is the leader of liveWIRE, and he's also achieved his semi-legendary form; his goals now reside in helping the trainers of the region prove their mettle in hopes that they'll be able to take down the Elite Four. Another goal is to make sure that his club is the place to be for the night life; though that's pretty much the central point of how the club came to be! A more tertiary goal would be the actually find someone to settle down with, maybe someone that can actually keep up with him.


There's one word that'd describe Titan to a T, that would be adamant. It's his way or the highway with him, but he doesn't push that onto others around him. Everyone has their own personal path, and Titan sticks to his own. Helping others is something that he regularly does, even when he was younger it got him into some trouble; too eager. Though he's learned his lesson on those!

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