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Name: Henry "Hank" Ghieri

Species: Fusion

Gender: Male

Age: 25

Height: Varies.

Occupation: Gym Leader

Favored type: Poison

Affiliation: Bayou Bay Pokemon Gym



Hank is known to take a number of forms as the situation requires, preferring to blend into his surroundings wherever possible. Though his origins are not evident to many, he is known to have permanently fused with both an unknown Nidoking as well as his Houndoom, Dante, and is chiefly seen in one of these guises.


Disowned and kicked out by his father on his eighteenth birthday, Hank had been left to find his own way in life, only a Houndour for company. In the years since, both young man and pokemon have matured, and Hank's not-inconsiderable technological and medical skills have managed to keep him from being wholly destitute and without means. In the interim, he has begun to train his own pokemon from the ground up, hoping to earn the ability and respect he hopes will allow him to return to his father and prove his own worth.


Hank is determined to grow stronger until he's amassed enough skill and reputation to prove to his father that he isn't worthless, as he's been told. In tandem with this, he hopes to establish a reputation as a worthy Gym Leader and breathe some measure of life into the otherwise placid and economically stagnant Bayou Bay.


Charming, genial, and well-read, Hank and his pokemon have by necessity forged a true bond that shows in their interactions both on and off the battlefield. Quick to smile, slow to anger, Hank is every bit the polite gentleman, eager to learn and ever willing to help where he can - for experience is experience, and experience is a Good Thing.

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