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The gyms function as the representatives of the Pokemon League in the Kasei Region. Each one represents a dual-typing which - while not always complementing each other in battle - make up a unique set of schools all their own.

PC Leadership is denoted as appropriate. If you wish to apply for a gym yourself, please read the Gym Application and muck-mail a plot staffer located in +staff.


Qualifier Challenges

To initiate a Gym Qualifier Challenge, you must be standing in one of the eight Kasei Pokemon Gyms. Before you can challenge the Leader, you must first defeat four of the Gym's trainers in a Qualifier Challenge in a back-to-back gauntlet with no healing between battles. Your items will be temporarily disabled for the duration of the challenge, but you will be given four Hyper Potions, two Full Heals, and two Revives to use during the course of the Challenge. All pokemon are forceset to level 50 for the duration of the Challenge.

+gymchallenge: Begins (or continues) a currently engaged Gym Qualifier Challenge.

+abortchallenge: Aborts a currently engaged Gym Qualifier Challenge.

Note that the Pokemon League, as a national organization, disallows fusions from competing in official League events owing to their superior strengths over normal pokemon, and thus fusions CANNOT participate in Gym Qualifier Challenges.

Gym Leader Challenges

+leaderchallenge: Put your name on the waiting list to challenge a Gym Leader. You must be standing in the appropriate Gym and have completed the Qualifier for that Gym.

All pokemon are set to level 50 for a Gym Leader Challenge. Fusions and Legends cannot participate.

If you win the Challenge, you receive that Gym's Badge. If you lose, you must retake the Gym Qualifier Challenge before challenging the Gym Leader again.


Standing tall in the industrial district of Port Nuovo rises the city's premiere nighttime attraction: liveWIRE. The facade of the building is sleek, with dark, smooth metal plates forming the infrastructure over which neon lights have been affixed; glowing lances of colour zip this way and that across the building through the lights in time with the music that faintly emanates from its large double doors. Inside, the club itself is dark and loud, strobe lights and various spinning and whirring spotlights providing the only illumination - and small, unreliable illumination, at that. A bar sprawls across the other side of the dance floor, while in one dark corner an elevator leads to the higher reaches of the building, marked only 'GYM'.

  • Type: Electric/Dark
  • Current leader: Hiro
  • Award: Pulse Badge

Senshin Monastery

A low hillock of stone rises from the dunes all about, forming a great foundation about which the sprawling body of Senshin Monastery curls. A lone path wends up through sand and rock alike, passing through a low white-washed archway into the outer narthex. Quaint and simple, the building is riddled with neat, precise arrays of square windows, stark against the alabaster architecture, while brown rooftops provide some measure of protection from the desert winds. Though many cobbled paths diverge from this place of joining, only one continues to the largest doors in the structure, thrown open and inviting, torchlight glittering faintly from within. In the distance, a great bell casts its somnolent tones at regular intervals, though this is the sole sound to break the otherwise reverently silent complex.

  • Type: Fighting/Ground
  • Award: Lotus Badge

Soul Sanctuary

At the easternmost reaches of Dovetail Town, the imposing sprawl of Soul Sanctuary rises, a magnificent temple casting its shadow across the sparse forest boughs that encroach upon it from all sides. White parchment walls interspersed with silent sliding doors stretch across the expanse of the ancient temple, crowned by sloping red slate and encircling a wide central courtyard. Formed of densely-packed earth, the center of the temple is riddled with grave markers of both stone and wood, though all are unmarked. Rising amid this place of final repose is a great tower, tiered with sweeping crimson eaves in the style of a pagoda and climbing high above the edifice of the Sanctuary proper.

  • Type Ghost/Psychic
  • Current leader: Liam
  • Award: Phantom Badge

Aqua Garden

The water garden of the Iced Flamingo has always been a playground of water- and ice- types, so it is fitting enough that it houses the gym for those respective types. While the temperature isn't exactly kept chilling cold, the climate of the area is noticeably warm; thus, the indoor pools are indeed kept air-conditioned and refreshing. The main attraction is the huge pool at the far side of the gardens which is reserved for the very largest of water- and ice- types to train and go head to head in. The office of the main area is just as expensive-looking as the rest of the place, possessive of thick plexiglass windows and modern decor.

  • Type: Water/Ice
  • Current leader: Maya
  • Award: Aurora Badge

Fiery Dragon Kitchen

The fiery dragon kitchen is a curious sort--while cooking does seem to happen in this large building made out of an old warehouse, it doesn't seem to be exactly what the name implies. The temperature here is nonetheless very warm, a large steam boiler's pipes network around the walls. A lot of the interior is fire-proofed for obvious reasons, as the place is used as a workout center for fire and dragon type pokemon, there is the usual assortment of (very) flame-retardant training equipment, as well as a very large cafeteria section with a portion of the roof slides away in summer for spit-roasting barbecue, courtesy of whatever fire breathing pokemon are around at the time. A large canvas banner at the far wall proclaims: "I'm fire-proof, you're not," in big block letters.

  • Type: Dragon/Fire
  • Current leader: Delsere
  • Award: Myth Badge

Quagmire Plantation

The marshy earth underfoot is soft, squelching with every step along the winding pathway that leads up to the grounds of the Quagmire Plantation. Upon the estate itself, the ground is only marginally more cohesive, slicked with moss and greedy, scrublike vegetation that spreads like rot throughout the spacious exterior of the Bayou Bay Pokemon Gym. Curiously, tables and chairs have been erected across the yard, resplendent in pristine white tablecloths and interspersed with arched white trellises that trail clinging ivy. A central pavilion rests at the terminus of the path, just before the broad steps leading into the Plantation itself. The brightly-coloured flowers and festive garlands are marred, however, by the presence of sticky, waxen hives and crude burrows clinging to every available surface, spattering white cloth with green mucous and plastered against arched trellises like misshapen tumours, testament to the bug- and poison-types that call this estate their home.

  • Type: Poison/Bug
  • Current leader: Melissa
  • Award: Sting Badge

Genesis Solarium

The terrarium-like structure is a very pleasant place to be, for bird lovers and botanists alike. The compound of the gym is made up of several bird sanctuary-esque trees, both artificial and natural, sprawling up into the sky, with a few bird houses and other lodgings for feathered and bat-like pokemon. Several greenhouses are spaced throughout, which harbor all forms of plant-life and natural habitats for grass-types. It's not unusual for someone stepping into them to think they've walked into a jungle--one with a bit of concrete for flooring and the faint scents of plant food and distilled water. The battle room here is an elaborate reinforced plastic dome which can be opened up in good weather - or simply when battling, in the not infrequent event of flying-types making an appearance.

  • Type: Flying/Grass
  • Current leader: Arianthe
  • Award: Dandelion Badge

Shale Valley Museum

This gym is unusual in that it is housed in the Shale Valley Museum of Paleontology, one of the most renowned and expansive museums in the region. Wandering through the museum itself, one might well find Professor Stone - the curator of the museum - guiding a tour group through its halls, pointing out various exhibits and explaining their origins with a tone of obvious pride. Even challengers to the gym leader are encouraged to take this tour, to gain an appreciation for the history boasted by the city and the hard work that's been put into excavating these relics.

The arena itself is located in an underground cavern hidden well beneath the museum, the original dig site upon which Shale Valley was founded which has long since been thoroughly searched for any items of archaeological significance. Replicas of fossils dug from this place have been set along the walls to offer a certain aura of authenticity, and the entrances stands to either side of the battlefield each have a pile of hardhats and a sign encouraging spectators to take and wear one; the support beams for this place are well-constructed and sturdy, but the safety of spectators is of paramount importance.

The field itself is of earthen construction, with only a few sparse areas of water interspersed here and there as a concession to water types. Apart from these, the field is wide-open and free of distractions and obstacles, allowing the pokemon of both the leader and the challenger plenty of room to fight to the best of their ability.

  • Type: Rock/Steel
  • Award: Ingot Badge

The Final Challenge

Upon claiming victory at each of the 8 gyms, trainers may board the ferry at Iced Flamingo Beach and head to Darkmoon Island to face the Elite Four as well as the sitting Champion for the title.

Gym Leader Commands

+saveteam: Saves your current team to a profile that may quickly be loaded later, even if the pokemon are in a PC box. Note that all pokemon must have at least one element of your Gym's types, or the profile may not be saved.

+loadteam: Loads a saved team for the next battle.

+saveteamclear: Deletes a saved team profile. (Just the profile, not the actual pokemon.)

+leaderchallenge: Use in your Gym to view the current list of challengers, and to accept challenges.

+gshift: Toggles whether you are on-duty or off-duty with regard to accepting gym challenges. If you are on-duty, expect to RP and/or battle prospective challengers to your Gym!

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