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(General population)
(General population)
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[[Maya]] - Iced Flamingo Gym Leader
[[Maya]] - Team Solar Leader, Iced Flamingo Gym Leader
[[Nova_Cole|Nova]] - Trainer/Legend Hunter
[[Nova_Cole|Nova]] - Trainer/Legend Hunter

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This is a page for people to put up bios of their characters if they so wish.

General population

Aichi - Pichu-Fusion

Arianthe - Skygrove Gym Leader

Eve - Pink Dratini girl.

Hank - Bayou Bay Gym Leader.

Kaylie - Pokemon Trainer/Adventurer Extraordinaire.

Luke - Pokemon Trainer/Mew-Fusion.

Lyona - Crazyface Pokemon Trainer/Duskull-Fusion


Maya - Team Solar Leader, Iced Flamingo Gym Leader

Nova - Trainer/Legend Hunter

Pepper - Vulpix pokemon breeder.

Riley - Rattata girl, pokemon trainer.

Sashae - Team Stellar leader, Musician

Sue - Senarach Gym Leader.

Tamesis - Dovetail Gym Leader.

Kochavit - Port Nuovo Gym Leader.

Vanilla - Monk, Blaziken Fusion

Wulf - Adventurer, Growlithe Fusion

Xevryn - Shale Valley Gym Leader, Omniscientist


Aquestis - Dark Lugia woman.

Nekoni - Mewtwo scientist.

Jet - Darkrai Leader of Team Umbra

Lady Kyra - Alternate reality Kyurem woman.

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