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Name: Nova Cole

Species: Pidgeot Fusion, though Nova tends to switch between various pokemon. Lugia, Deoxys

Gender: Depends on the fusion, though more often than not female

Age: Mid Twenties

Height: 4'9"(Pidgeot), 6'7"(Lugia), 5'3"(Deoxys)

Occupation: Assists the plant genetics department at Lakeside

Favored type: Avian, though she has a special place in her heart for Fire types.


Important Pokemon

Fusion Forms

Shiny Deoxys(n)

Pokemon With

Shiny Deoxys

Pokemon in Storage



Born in a rather secluded village, Nova was raised in a very religious manner. At a young age, however, Nova lost her mother in an accident. That caused her to drop off the radar for a while and delve further into her religion. Leaving her village in her early twenties to roam the world and preach her religion to others, she shortly found out that no one cared. Sinking further into her religion, she came out of her shell and rejoined society after finding a friend and lover of sorts. This all came to a halt when she was nearly killed in a rockslide. Even though she recovered, her personally changed for the better at that point and she became intimately wrapped up with largescale politics in the region she lived. Many years and many political wars later, after having rooted her studies within various aspects of botany and horticulture, as well as religion, Nova found herself trying to expand her knowledge by going to other lands. In said attempt, she found herself in Skygrove.


At the moment, Nova has simply been living, assisting the college as a lecturer and research assistant. She still wishes to find a Ho-oh, though just why she has no intention of saying.


Nova could be described in a few words. Adamant. Devoted. Set. It's relatively hard to move Nova from her position given she's had a long long time to sit on it, and with that comes what appears to most as a bull-headed stubbornness when it comes to things. Being a Vegetarian and a devoted plantlover, she adamantly abhors and demerits the eating of the flesh of other beings, be it fish or livestock or anything. Atop of that is her religious views, though she doesn't push them onto others so much as remark at various points how she wishes things were a bit more comely religiously. Then you have the fact that Nova tends to be a bit direct and blunt when remarking things. That's not to say they have no civility or enough sense to remain couth in tongue, yet they typically don't care enough to bother. People, in her opinion, should have sense enough to take criticism or blunt comments as they come.

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