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Name: Baojia "Vanilla" Dai

Species: Blaziken-Fusion

Gender: Male

Age: Twenty Seven(?)

Height: Six-Foot Four Inches

Occupation: Wandering Monk and Spiritual Advisor

Favored Types: Psychic, Flying, Water

Affiliation: Jade Lotus


Physical Description

Vanilla stands at a height of 6'4" and has an athletic build. He looks more like the Pokemon version of a Blaziken than an anthropomorphized version though he has more defined traits such as extra fingers and a more defined torso with styled 'hair' instead of the winged plumes of feathers that jut from the head. His colors are somewhat unique being white instead of red and gold instead of cream and his eyes are a dark green color with yellow scalera.


Not much is told or can even be found about "Vanilla"'s past. He is a registered immigrant from China, having moved a few years back to Japan. Background searches show that he spent a considerable time living within a Buddhist Temple and learning the ways of the Shaolin Monk. Official records show he lived there his whole life though this is not the case and only those very close to him know this secret.

Dai Baojia was born into an organization that had a similar premise as Team Rocket though was a branch off of the Chinese Triad that was more interested in Pokemon-related crimes more than drug trafficking, racketeering and other business-related crimes. This organization's seat was in Hong Kong was called the Jade Lotus ( 玉芙蓉 ). At a young age, Baojia's parents wanted out though it was made clear that there was no true escape from the life of crime. With his father made into an example and left with no other choice, Baojia's life revolved around doing small jobs for the Red Pole in charge of the district and caring for his widowed mother where he could. These jobs involved delivering letters, partaking in shakedowns of local stores, mugging people for their rare Pokemon so they could be sold on the black market and acting as bait for when the People's Armed Police (PAP) arrived to try and arrest those caught in the act.

His teen years were more kind as he started moving up in rank through the organization; eventually becoming a Red Pole himself in charge of a smaller district after his predecessor was busted for possession of stolen Pokemon. Life was good. Gambling, women, drugs and all the money he could want to spend on whatever he wished... After he had given the Dai Lo his more than fair share of the money earned of course. The good times came screeching to a halt not two years after Baojia had settled in and he was given "The Big Job". Up until that point, he had been doing small-time work and ordering his thugs to do the deeds for him but this time it was something big. And he messed up just enough to warrant his life being in danger.

Baojia had been pestered by his childhood friend and "Sister-in-crime", Long Shui to try and find a way out of the Jade Lotus; if not for him then for his mother's sake. This one night was where Baojia had a realization and it all became clear that what he was doing was not just against the law, it was immoral and vile. With Shui's help, they stopped the operation and released all of the 'product' to be collected by the PAP and sent back to their homes. when the Dai Lo heard of the botched operation and the betrayal by not only their newest Red Pole, but by his own grandson, he ordered an immediate call for extermination of Baojia and his entire branch. The immediate members and new recruits of his gang had fled and gone into hiding while those still loyal aided Baojia and Shui to a safe haven. They would escape to the country where they would gain new identities and at least try and survive.

Much of the story of what happened around that time has been lost but somewhere along the way, Baoji and Shui made their way to a remote temple and were taken in by the monks to learn the ways of Buddhism. The lessons were hard and the change of lifestyle was almost too much for Baojia, considering his previously easy lifestyle full of minions, technology and power. The way of humility, limiting one's self and balance was hard to grasp for the chaotic young man. Shui however was right at home with the simple lifestyle.

Years passed and on the day when their final test was at hand, they were given new names. Baojia took the name 'Vanilla' upon himself in both a symbolic statement to his new and unaltered mind as well as a more literal meaning on account of his white feathers. He took his leave shortly after and while he knew he could never be forgiven for his past, he could try and make things better for the future. As he was still on the run, even after all these years; Vanilla decided to head to Japan and become lost in its many cities, hiding in plain sight among so many people and fusions crammed into one small country.


Vanilla's goals are simple enough that it is almost surprising he has not completed them. Short-term is to work on fitting in better. China is a completely different beast than Japan and the language barrier is not the only problem he has to deal with. The persecution of Fusions is at least not as harsh as what he was used to in the past which has helped bridge the gap to adjustment.

Long term involves atoning for the lives he destroyed and the people he hurt by helping those he finds. This can range from simple spiritual advice, volunteering for public projects and aiding the needy to being as difficult as putting in hard labor for those that cannot do the work themselves, throwing himself into harm's way to protect another and on one rare occasion - save a small child from a house fire.

Both of these have to be done carefully however as bringing attention to himself is bad in the long run as should he ever gain fame, his name and image would extend beyond Japan and the Dai Lo may decide that they need to spread their interests overseas to reclaim their 'Lost Petal'.



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