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Name: Nekoni

Species: Mewtwo-Fusion

Gender: Female

Age: ??

Height: 6'05"

Affiliation: Unknown



Nekoni is a female mewtwo-fusion. Due to Mewtwo's already humanoid nature, she appears to be rather similar to the pokemon itself. However, she has a more female shape, a modest chest and medium length pink hair.

In every one of her appearances, she was wearing a lab coat that covered most of her body. She also wears glasses.


She appears to be obsessed with 'science' and 'experimentation'. She will become excited while speaking of her latest experiments or data, even if those she is talking to are angry and threatening her. It may be that her experimentation blinds her to everything else that is going on, or perhaps she is unconcerned with the feelings of others.

Though Nekoni is unhesitant about using the general populace as a test bed for her experiments, she does not seem to actively desire to harm anyone. On more than one occasion she has interceded when situations would have caused harm to someone.

Nekoni has made more than one comment implying that she is not the result of a fusion of herself and a sub-legendary Mewtwo. What this may mean, or whether she is even being truthful, is currently unknown.

Known Information

Nekoni first appeared during a pokemon talent show. Her appearance was preceded by the release of a gas that most of the people and pokemon present were exposed to. Both the fusions and the pokemon exposed to the gas were 'devolved' to their lowest evolutionary state.

Nekoni commented on it being part of an experiment, though due to being attacked, did not stay for long.

Nekoni's second appearance was heralded by fusions and pokemon across the region having a sudden sensation of weakness, and a large beam firing into the sky. Some people rushed to the source of the beam, to find a force field in place. Nekoni showed herself shortly afterwards, saying that her latest experiment was to 'examine the energy of legendary pokemon' and suddenly all of the sub-legendaries in the region lost all their strength.

She gave them a fair chance and pitted them against Robomon, robotic pokemon. Nekoni ordered the Robomon not to cause any lethal harm, perhaps in part of them holding back, they were defeated. True to her word, she lowered the force field and personally destroyed the device within.

Only afterwards, however, did she reveal that this whole situation was a diversion while she conducted her experiments elsewhere. She claims the sub-legendary pokemon are linked to the true legendaries. She had disrupted this link, causing the weakess, and plans to find a way to channel the power herself. Though the sub-legendary pokemon recovered, it seems they were not as strong as they used to be.


This is a section for discussion on Nekoni. Anything here may or may not be true.

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