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*[[Fusion]] Everything you need to know
*[[Fusion]] Everything you need to know
*[[General]] [Code of conduct, important!]
*[[Commands]] [Coded commands to use when on the muck.]
*[[Commands]] [Coded commands to use when on the muck.]
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*[[Mechanics]] [How some of the coded systems work for perusal.]
*[[Mechanics]] [How some of the coded systems work for perusal.]
*[[Characters]] [Kasei's inhabitants.]
*[[Legendary Pokemon]] [Kasei's Mythology]
*[[Legendary Pokemon]] [Kasei's Mythology]

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Pokemon Fusion


Welcome to Pokemon Fusion Muck!

Hello, and welcome to the world of Pokemon! However, this isn't your average Pokemon world for here the sights of the games can be found alongside real world locations. Trainers can come from America, Europe or from Hoenn or Kanto. The RP itself takes place in the Kasei Region, which is west of Johto. Here, the phenomenon known as Pokemon Fusion is common and accepted.

History of Kasei

Our story takes place in a region of Japan known as Kasei, which is special in that it is one of the largest concentration of fusions--genetic hybrids of humans and Pokemon. It has become a cultural melting pot of many different languages, businesses and, of course, races--as it is one of the few places such fusions are culturally accepted. Taking place in the present day, its residents must deal with everyday problems such as racial tensions, politics, looking another work week in the eye--and above all, the Pokemon League.

The founding of Kasei as a haven for those of the fused nature started just around the time when World War 2 was taking place, when the machines of war ravaged across Europe and Asia. During this time Kasei faced the Team Rocket uprising, led by Giovanni. This conflict was one of the largest of it's kind for that area, and hinged heavily on support by fusions on either side. Eventually, Team Rocket was forced to surrender following their leader's assassination and the overall weakening of the group. Rebuilding the country and region was a slow process, with some areas today still bearing the scars and monuments of war.

Millions in tourism revenue turned its towns and villages into cities over the next few decades, cities emerging in their wake. Businesses sprang up and flocked to the region, along with giant corporations such as Silph .Co, specializing in research and development of Pokemon and related technologies. Despite the prosperity of the area, it is not without consequence--criminal groups and organized crime native to Japan are ever present, and there are rumblings of Team Rocket renewing itself through new upstarts. New government organizations are drafted to deal with the concentration of trainer criminals in the area, such as PALS but, like any new organization, who can say what they will change?

Code of Conduct

Please remember that Pokemon Fusion is a PG-13 MU*. Excessive violence and gore, blatant nudity, and inappropriate language are not permitted. Depending on the judgment of staff, you may be asked to tone down such behavior if you are discovered to have crossed these lines in public, and are expected to comply with this request. This rating extends to the chat channels, with the sole exception of the NSFW channel.

In addition, the topics of religion and politics are discouraged on channels as they often lead to arguments; staff that witness conversations devolving in this direction may ask that the conversation be brought to an end, and players are expected to comply. In a more general sense, if your behavior - whether in chat or in RP - is making someone uncomfortable, the fair thing to do is to stop. Staff are the final arbiters on what constitutes a reasonable request in this regard.

Rating exceptions include areas that are specifically indicated as having an alternate rating, and the NSFW chat channel. In alternate-rating rooms, all rules of conduct still apply with the sole exception of the PG-13 requirement, and players are expected to abide by them. The NSFW channel is not for RP, and those found to be RPing graphic sexual acts may be asked to stop. In addition, posted links must include some indication as to the content of said link, including species, gender(s), and general theme.

When creating a character, please keep in mind that having your character be a rival of another character is perfectly acceptable only if the other player agrees to the rivalry and if the conflict does not bleed over into out-of-character (OOC) behavior.

Finally, players are expected to abide by the edicts of the wizards (staff) at all times. Abusing or ignoring a wizard is a serious offense, and willfully avoiding discussions prompted by them may subject a player to either punishment or increased punishment, depending on the situation.

Punishment for offenses including (but not limited to) those listed above may include a reduction in TXP, EXP or credits, Pokemon deletion, item removal, chat channel access removal, character invalidation/removal, and/or banning from the MU*. Staff do not wish to use any of these tools to guide player behavior, so we urge players to cooperate with staff to reach reasonable solutions to any issues.

Pokemon Fusion MUCK has an overall rating of PG-13, but contains a small number of areas where this restriction does not apply. These areas are few and far between, but are locked to minors for the protection of Pokemon Fusion MUCK's well-being. In order to access these areas, you must contact a wiz and inform them of your birthdate, at which point they will grant you access to the restricted areas if you are over 18 years of age.

  • Conduct for staff:

Staff are expected to be respectful to the players at all times while on staff characters, especially their player alts. There is no special treatment; if a staffer repeatedly mistreats players, they will face disciplinary action up to and including removal of their elevated status. (This of course does not mean that antagonizing a staff member is acceptable.) Any staff member found to be unfairly punishing a player will be similarly punished, players are encouraged to speak up if they believe they are being treated unfairly. Any staffer found to be unfairly giving a player an advantage will cause the player and/or the staffer to be disciplined depending on the situation.

Game information

For IC and OOC info on the game.

  • Fusion Everything you need to know
  • Commands [Coded commands to use when on the muck.]
  • Mechanics [How some of the coded systems work for perusal.]
  • Cities [The locations in the Kasei Region.]
  • Gyms [The Official Pokemon League Gyms.]

New to MU*s?

Pokemon Fusion is a MUCK--what does this mean? Well, it stands for multi-user chat kingdom, but that's not terribly important. There are many different styles and code bases of MU*, but they are all text games. Just imagine Zork (where grues came from) but interactive, and on the internet! Well, sorta.

What is important to remember is that Pokemon Fusion is centered mainly on roleplay; this means that well, think of an online chat or forum where people take turns posing or writing out posts--now imagine such online and when everyone's able to navigate from virtual room to virtual room--and you've got a good idea.

Pokemon Fusion is one such game which combines elements of the video games and anime series (along with original content of course) to create a colorful world in which one can be a trainer, fusion or a wide variety of concepts.

Connecting to the game

While it is possible to connect via raw telnet to the game, it is strongly advisable that you download a more suitable client to connect to the game with. The upside is such clients easily store each game's address and bookmark information such as player logins and passwords, which makes connecting and getting onto one push-button when properly setup. Think of it like a client and a front-end for a steam game all in one!

  • We are located at URL:, port: 4321.


Map of the Kasei Region:

The Kasei Region
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