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| [[Image:Lucario.png|frame|none|Silva]]
| [[Image:Lucario.png|frame|none|Silva]]
| [[Image:Hoshi.png|frame|none|Hoshi]]
| [[Image:Hoshi.png|frame|none|Hoshi]]
| [[Image:Porygonz.png|frame|none|Nine-9]]
| [[Image:Aron.png|frame|none|Stahl]]

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Name: Xevryn Morgais (mur-GUY)

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Hometown: Sunyshore City; Sinnoh Region

Occupation: Director of Team Lunar, Gym Leader, Kasei Elite Four

Favored Type: Steel

Affiliation: Shale Valley Research Institute , Lakeside University, Team Lunar


Important Pokemon



Xevryn was born the second son to a sickly mother in Sunyshore City of the Sinnoh region. Unfortunately, her health made it nearly impossible for her to provide the childhood she thought he deserved, and she passed years before Xevryn would be able to develop much memory of her. Because of that,He was, more or less raised by his brother, Silva, who was 12 years his senior. His youth was spent playing soccer, fishing for water pokemon, and of course, attending school. Despite the supposed paradise of his environment, Xevvy's singular joy was the time he got to watch his brother's battles, what was accomplished trainer at the Sunyshore gym and would often try to coerce Xevryn to take up the life of a trainer by inviting him to exhibition matches at the gym. While entertained, Xevryn's heart was in the sciences and his eyes were in his studies.

After graduation, he made the offcial move to advance his life after being accepted to Canalave University, majoring in physics and engineering. He found that his thirst for knowledge became harder to quench and even more of his time was devoted to his studies. Shortly after, he went on to study genetics, biology, and general pokemon evolution theory.

On the day he was to leave for graduate school, his brother stopped him, pre senting him with a baby Riolu as a travelling companion for his jounrey to Kasei . Xevvy decided to name the pokemon "Silva" after his brother so that they would never truly be apart. Upon reaching Kasei, Xevryn was immediately enamoured by the region and its diverse pokemon population while striving to gain his doctora te in a variety of fields of study. Since then, Xevryn has gone on become an ins tructor at Lakeside University as well take on many other roles around Kasei.

Future Goals

Having taken the time to increase his knowledge of Pokemon and the mystery of their origins and evolution, Xevryn has opted to pursue teaching as an accompaniment to his research. Currently the Professor of General Pokemon Study and Evolution Theory at Lakeside University as well as the Gym Leader of the Shale Valley Museum and Research Institute, and sitting Director of Team Lunar, Xevryn hopes to use his knowledge to help further trainers' understanding of their Pokemon partners as well as improve their bonds through battle. As an authority on Steel-type Pokemon and one of the few Pokemon professors for the Kasei region, the Doctor still finds time to pursue his own personal passion of Timespace dynamics, spending a great deal of time within the Crossroads, a barrier dimension between this this world and the Distortion World.


To his peers, Xevryn has always come off as a hard person to read. His personality, though amiable and pleasant, can often have him coming off as distant to others who aren't sure how to take him. He is the sort to observe and study a situation before jumping right in. This isn't to say that he is cold and calculating; he would say that he is pragmatic and chooses a more tactical approach to matters. He is also exceedingly sociable to a fault, often having to catch himself prattling off-topic when engaged in stimulating conversation. Some would also say that his mannerisms are borderline quirky at times, as he becomes extremely excited and animated when he solves a problem or devises a plan. Despite his generally jovial demeanor, when pushed to protect that which he truly cares for, he shows an almost cruel, merciless fervor. Afterwards, he often scolds himself for resorting to such measures. Whether in life, the arena, the lab, he takes a patient, measured approach to obstacles, and revels at the opportunity to display his intellectual prowess. He wouldn't consider himself arrogant in the slightest, however he'd be the first to admit that his very confident in himself, his farsighted nature, and his ability to assess and prepare for numerous potential outcomes.


Being a man of science, Xevryn truly embraces the idea of fusion despite never experiencing the phenomenon first-hand. Seeing fusion as the logical evolutionary step between human and pokemon, he strives to learn more about the process by studying the physiological and mental effect that is endured between human and pokemon. To him, fusion truly proves that genetically humans and pokemon are not all that dissimilar.

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