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Name: Timothy 'Wulf' Williams

Species: Growlithe Fusion

Gender: Female

Place of Birth: Irvine, California

Age and Birthday 22, born December 22nd

Occupation: Adventurer, Lunar Grunt, Solar Candidate

Favored Types: Fire Type(Specialty) Dragon, Fighting, and Steel Types(Personal)

Affiliation: Team Lunar and Team Solar


Important Pokemon

(I'll toss more up)


Physical Description

Wulf is quite obviously a Growlithe-fusion, not extremely tall like her Arcanine counterparts, but tall nonetheless. She stands at exactly 6 foot tall and looks to weigh about in the 170's and is covered in the typical Growlithe fur of orange and black with a dash of cream for her neck ruff and tail. Her head is topped off by flowing blonde locks and two large fluffy ears that find themselves poking up through the pretty locks. She has tamed her hair into a braided ponytail which can typically be seen hanging over a shoulder in a out of the way fashion. Her face is feminine with sky blue eyes staring out at the world as it is. Above one of those eyes lies a scar on the eyebrow, resting diagonally and adding a bit more character to her short muzzled face. From there your eyes can travel downwards to her curvy form which is covered by a strained green t-shirt that keeps her furry midriff bare and a pair of tight fitting jeans that fit over her digitigrade legs. Over that she wears a long tailed sleeveless duster, a few straps going across the front that look like they could hold a couple of Pokeballs securely to the outerwear. And finally, true to trainer fashion she has a backpack full of all sorts of things. And a towel, you can never leave home without a towel after all.


Tim was American born, son of a Marine Corps man and an Arcanine-fusion that he'd met while on tour in the Kasei region. Oh the stories his father would tell him about the region, stirring a wanderlust in his very soul to explore the region. Of course it would be awhile before he could travel to the region, he was still just a pup as his dad put it.

His first Pokémon was a Growlithe that his parents got him on his tenth birthday that he named Wulf. They were inseparable since then, and it showed. As the years passed Tim they formed a deep bond, growing almost as close as to be one another. During the rising hours on his eighteenth birthday, Tim noticed something. Wulf was missing, simply gone; he didn't notice the tail hanging down between his legs, the different gait and way his hips swayed or the weight upon his chest; the waking hours of the day dulling his perception. Of course the ignorance didn't last long; he'd somehow fused with Wulf over the night… or she fused with him rather, as he took on her gender and most of her physical attributes. It was an odd birthday gift to receive to say the least, but one that he accepted, taking on Wulf as her new name.

After spending three years in the states for college she grew fed up with it. Instead deciding to follow her childhood dream of exploring the Kasei region and experience at least some of what her father had told her of about the land. But what will she do when she gets there?


Wulf is brave to a fault, perhaps stupidly brave. But you could paw that off to still being rather young and impetuous; but she is cautious about when she will act. Her fighting style reflects this, often taking risks to try and gain the upper hand when the situation calls for it. To add to that, her upbringing in a military household has instilled in her the virtues of loyalty, honor, courage and a deep set sense of justice.


Wulf holds nothing against anyone for their looks or otherwise. It is their actions that will truly set what she thinks about them. A thief who steals from a beggar for example will win no small amount of scorn, while one who steals from a rich man to give to others might gain a little bit of admiration but still gain scorn from her for breaking the law. One could call her Chaotic Good if you were going to put an alignment on her.

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