Team Solar

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 \ \/ /  T E A M   S O L A R                            
'=.__.='   To protect the world from submission;        
-./  \.-    To crush the dreams of every villain,       
=(    )=     To seek the challenge others fear;         
-'\__/'-      To be the legends all will hear,          
.='  '=.       Team Solar, wreathed in blazing light;   
/ /..\ \        Surrender now, or we'll test your might.

Solar Theaming

When you're in uniform you can only use pokemon that have a Fire, Flying, Fighting, or Dragon typing. So say... Kingdra, Skarmory, Ninetales, Breloom, Garchomp, Tropius. We run sun, so keep that in mind and don't ruin your partner's weather.

Solar Projects and Events

Current Projects

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