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The world of organized crime; though the Italian mafia of the west has faded in recent years the criminal underground of the east has remained an ever present facet of life, and in places such as Japan is as healthy as ever--particularly in Kasei.

Born from the booming dock worker unions in the latter half of the last century, Kasei's organized crime started out in relatively poor and hardworking, impoverished populations such as from the families of immigrants who travelled there or those who struck out on their own in the fringe areas such as Bayou Bay. Many troubles indeed have been buried in the Bay's swamps, and gambling and vice is no stranger to higher population density areas such as Ensou or the Iced Flamingo Resort. Where there are people and money, there will be crime.

The organization itself is a polyglot of connected inner city gangs to the very real drug and vice trades from Ensou spreading all the way to the corners of the region to Skygrove to Senarch; they battle the local and government agencies as well as PALS. They not only represent the usual criminal factions, but also the Pokemon using gangs such as Team Venom, as well as many other assorted lonewolves and so-called supervillains such as Nekoni.


Unlike the west, Japan has many privacy laws and limited venues to actually directly confront organized crime, somewhat similar to the low-tech days of Elliot Ness where Al Capone was nailed ultimately for something unrelated to his crimes such as tax fraud, the law in Japan as a whole bans (mostly) conventions such as wire-tapping and other such information gathering tools like siezing phone records and the like, so organized crime is able to operate in relative broad daylight compared to the shady secrecy groups found a necessity in the west. These conventions of course apply to local police as well as PALS.

RP Hooks

If you're looking to become criminal scum, or lead a life of villainry, here are some ideas on ways one can join in on the fun.

  • Individual down on his luck and needing money fast, turns to petty crime.
  • Teenager looking to join a gang or become a hitman for organized crime.
  • Innocents strung up or blackmailed into working for members of the above.
  • Affiliation or dealings with any of the rogue villains.

Duty Roster

  • Head


  • Underboss
  • Captain


  • Soldier
  • Associates


(For inquiries about npcs or individuals themselves, or to join a group please direct questions to plot staff, located in +staff.)

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