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Name: Tamesis Restreya

Species: Absol-Fusion

Gender: Male

Age: Twenty Three

Height: Six foot Two inches

Occupation: Dovetail Gym Leader and Knowledge Collector

Favored Types: All

Affiliation: None


Important Pokemon



Tamesis is a relatively tall male, just over six feet in height when standing straight. His eyes are a deep ocean blue and his stark white hair falls around his shoulders loosely. His face is mostly charcoal colour, contrasting the white grandly. The rest of his fur is the same white colour as his hair, and with the exception of a small explosion of longer fur around his neck and a shot ways down his chest, largely kept short. The end of each finger and each toe have a short but sharp claw in a grey colour, and sticking out from the side of his head is what can only be described as a blade. He's currently clothed in a white tee shirt under a black longsleeve jacket. His pants are made of a heavy weight fabric designed with duribility in mind. The pants themselves are long with double fabric on the knees and rather large pockets on the sides for storing items. Over one shoulder is a messanger bag made of a simple but durable canvas like material in which he stores anything he can't fit into his pants pocket.


Tamesis is an inteligent sort. Quick to figure things out, and eager to learn more and see more things at all times. Despite this he can often times be taken as laid back since he doesn't tend to show much energy on the outside unless something really captures his interest. He picks things up fast, and tends to focus intently when faced with something he likes and enjoys. So it can at times be a chore to drag his attention away from a new toy, or exploring a new place until he's finished learning everything he can on the place or object in question. He tends to be personable with others more often than not, and while he'll joke around with people once he gets to know them, he can at times be taken for an extremely serious sort when he meets someone new as he tries to assess their character. And while he's not particularly fond or thieves or other people who live by breaking rules and laws, he fully understands that at times laws and rules placed need to be bent or broken in able to care for yourself and those you care about. All of this put together plus growing up in such a close knit community means that when he meet someone he likes and considers to be a friend, nothing short of hell erupting on earth will make him back down if they need help, and he would fight to the death if it really came down to that.


Tamesis' goals in life are rather simple. Learn as much about the outside world as possible. From towns, to regions, to pokemon, to experiences. He wants them all to be there so he has a grand tale to tell his village when he returns. If he manages to get strong enough to challenge the Elite Four, even better. He just plans to do absolutely everything he can, and when he either stops finding things to do, or gets bored, he'll probably start making the return journey to his home. And if something else interesting happens to pop up along the way, even better.


Tamesis is a natural born fusion hailing from a little known village in the Cliffwing mountains. The village itself was made shortly after the discovery of fusion, and the fusion born. The nation in question where they came from originally was of the opinion that the fusion born and those who turned into temporary fusions were unclean and unholy beasts, imprisoning many of the nations fusions. They were afraid of change. While Tamesis' parents weren't one of the ones to escape this, his grand parents on his dad's side were. And in time all the fusions who managed to escape turned what was a little hole in the side of a mountain into a nice little village. Since then things in the country have calmed down, but still those who live in the village continue to stay.

Now Tamesis' father is a trader, making the trip down out of the mountain with wares to sell so he can get the things the village needs to continue existing. His mother is a crafter, taking and making all manner of jewelry and instruments from highly polished bones and pretty rocks to sell as trinkets to people who actually venture up to visit as well as for the traders. Tamesis himself with his sharp claws and increadable attention for details was taught the craft of carving and shaping, though he worked primarily in softer mediums like wood and clay. While he was given a passable education by the elders of the village and his parents, there was still a lot he didn't know about the world. So one spring when he reached the age of 18, he started occompanying his father and the other traders in the monthly trips down the mountain, learning more about the culture and outside world than he had previously. Now all this new stuff, and the thrill of the city stirred something in him, and while he continued to stay in the village to help his parents and the other residents of the village, his mind wandered more and more to the outside world and the next trip they would take down into civilization.

Eventually on his 23rd birthday, he got a surprise, and his wish.His parents, with the help of the rest of the village, gave him a ticket to get on a boat scheduled to leave while they were down on their next trading venture, wanting him to get out and see the world he so longed to see, and explore the sights that he only dreamed of. So it came that on the next trading venture, almost the whole village set out with the caravan to see him off on his journey and to wish him the best of luck. Bag over his shoulder, he set off on a journey in a new world, promising to visit them again someday and recount all his adventures.


All of the people that Tamesis has taken a liking to in his travels around Kasei.

Pepper: Tamesis likes Pepper, perhaps even has a little bit of a crush on her. But even ignoring that something about the timid little girl makes him want to protect her. However her school work and training for the little Little Cup and his explorations leave them without much time to visit much to his dismay.

Scarlet: Scarlet is sort of like a mentor and a rival. It's a friendly rivalry, though. He genuinely enjoys visiting with her in town and enjoys his talks with her and Bahamut. She's looks up to her as she's one of the strongest people out there in both raw power and technical skill, and so while he doesn't consider himself a trainer by any means, he still wants to learn and progress until he can stand on equal footing with her.

Eve: While Tamesis has only met the pink Dratini girl twice, he's certainly fond of her. She's one of the few people he's really opened up and talked with since his journey began, and while he isn't a dancer himself, he certainly respects her dream and will cheer her on to reach that goal.

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