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Pokemon Fusion


Welcome to Pokemon Fusion Muck!

Hello, and welcome to the world of Pokemon! However, this isn't your average Pokemon world for here the sights of the games can be found alongside real world locations. Trainers can come from America, Europe or from Hoenn or Kanto. The RP itself takes place in the Kasei Region, which is west of Johto. Here, the phenomenon known as Pokemon Fusion is common and accepted.

Game information

For IC and OOC info on the game.

  • General [Code of Conduct for players and staff.]
  • Commands [Coded commands to use when on the muck.]
  • Geography [Geography, Locations and Gyms in Kasei]
  • Fusion Everything you need to know
  • Mechanics [How some of the coded systems work for perusal.]

New to MU*s?

Pokemon Fusion is a MUCK--what does this mean? Well, it stands for multi-user chat kingdom, but that's not terribly important. There are many different styles and code bases of MU*, but they are all text games. Just imagine Zork (where grues came from) but interactive, and on the internet! Well, sorta.

What is important to remember is that Pokemon Fusion is centered mainly on roleplay; this means that well, think of an online chat or forum where people take turns posing or writing out posts--now imagine such online and when everyone's able to navigate from virtual room to virtual room--and you've got a good idea.

Pokemon Fusion is one such game which combines elements of the video games and anime series (along with original content of course) to create a colorful world in which one can be a trainer, fusion or a wide variety of concepts.

Connecting to the game

While it is possible to connect via raw telnet to the game, it is strongly advisable that you download a more suitable client to connect to the game with. The upside is such clients easily store each game's address and bookmark information such as player logins and passwords, which makes connecting and getting onto one push-button when properly setup. Think of it like a client and a front-end for a steam game all in one!

  • We are located at URL:, port: 4321.
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