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The Factions of Kasei

Blurb on the factions here. Their role in Kasei and blah, blah, blah.

Are teams exclusive?

No, there are a lot of ways to be the best, and many paths to self-improvement. The point is, the journey never ends. Carve your own path to the top and bring it on. You can only wear one uniform at a time, though, and we'll all be waiting for you to switch out. Remember, you can't run from a trainer battle, and that goes double from us.

What do I have to do to join?

First, you'll have to compile a list of your skills and weaknesses, and give a little bit of detail as to their origins and extents. Our GMs use weaknesses to fuel other team's RP against you, and your strengths to assign you plots against them. Different teams encourage different skills. We also pair people based on those skills to cover each other and share common interests. Second, you'll have to make a team, and be ready to fight in doubles battles, so you'll want to spend some time discussing roles and strategy with your teammates. When you're in uniform you can only use pokemon that represent your team. Such as fire types for Solar, water types for Lunar and so forth.

Why Should I Join a Team?

Each team comes with its own advantages, from private locations stocked with pokemon of your team's type, to providing housing and food, and earn boosted AP for participating in GM-run plots.

Team Lunar can provide you with everything. Absolutely everything. You just have to be smart enough to understand how to get or invent it. Their labs are home to Psychic, Water, Steel, and Poison types. They'll give you experimental technology to play with and even destroy. Pilot a giant pokemon robot into battle and build skyscrapers with a laser-guided concrete blaster.

Team Solar offers much: the chance to be a goddamn hero, tournament prizes, gym badges, and people who can give you battles on equal footing. They're giving you the gift of a stronger you. They have Fire, Flying, Fighting, and Dragon types and will protect you while you sleep.

Team Stellar asks what took you this long to ask? What they have is their own private training grounds, stocked to the brim with rare and powerful examples of theirteam elements. Ice, Dark, Electric, and Ghost types are on tap, 24/7. You bring the pokeballs, they supply the 'mon. They have an underworld connection that supplies them with resources and equipment. Not to mention they can freely raid other teams and take their stuff too.

Team Terra offers a community of sharing and friendship, and who pairs people with kind hearts to those they can really help. They have a campground where Bug, Rock, Grass, and Ground types are willing to help them with our work. Team Terra can take you in and give you a place to live amd food to eat.

Team Points

Gain Team Points by pertisipating on your team's missions.

  • Blue Points are compatible with any pokemon that is Psychic, Water, Steel, or Poison. They can be used to buy any move off that pokemon's dex entry. They can be used to buy an IV. And they can be used to buy Dream World abilities.
  • Green Points are compatible with any pokemon that is Bug, Rock, Grass, or Ground. They can be used to buy any move off that pokemon's dex entry. They can be used to buy an IV. And they can be used to buy Dream World abilities.
  • Red Points are compatible with any pokemon that is Fire, Flying, Fighting, or Dragon. They can be used to buy any move off that pokemon's dex entry. They can be used to buy an IV. And they can be used to buy Dream World abilities.
  • Yellow Points are compatible with any pokemon that is Ice, Dark, Electric, or Ghost. They can be used to buy any move off that pokemon's dex entry. They can be used to buy an IV. And they can be used to buy Dream World abilities.

Information on the Teams

Team Lunar

   _.._   T E A M   L U N A R                         
 .' .-'`   To protect the world from superstition,    
/  /        To discover truth beyond imagination;     
|  |         To explore what none have known before,  
\  \          To test our theories until we're sure;  
 '._'-._       Team Lunar, libraries fill as we write,
    ```         Surrender now, to our bold insight.   

Who are we? We are doctors, nurses, scientists, teachers, students, architects, researchers, professors, engineers, inventors, the studious, the experimenters. We are the tinkers that design the better world. We stand on the shoulders of giants, and record what we see.

What do we want? Knowledge, to understand the universe and everything in it. Tools, to better empower everyone. Criticism, for only the truth can endure the withering light of scrutiny. Pokemon break physics in ways that shouldn't be possible, and understanding how and why will give us mastery of these forces.

How can you help? Team Lunar is accepting internships. We need your technical skills, your ideas, your brilliance. Come work for us, and help carry out our experiments, document your results, get published. Develop cures for diseases and treatments for injuries. Crunch some numbers for us and review our work. Try out our crazy toys and let us know how they explode. Our cake isn't always a lie.

Team Solar

 \ \/ /  T E A M   S O L A R                            
'=.__.='   To protect the world from submission;        
-./  \.-    To crush the dreams of every villain,       
=(    )=     To seek the challenge others fear;         
-'\__/'-      To be the legends all will hear,          
.='  '=.       Team Solar, wreathed in blazing light;   
/ /..\ \        Surrender now, or we'll test your might.

Who are we? We are soldiers, police, adventurers, firefighters, pokemon breeders, martial artists, strategists, athletes, heroes, the courageous, the champions. We are those who charge into danger and fight our way through, always moving forwards.

What do we want? Justice, for those who break the rules, harm others, or abuse pokemon. Challenge, to test ourselves and eliminate our weaknesses. Heroism, to inspire everyone to try their very best at training pokemon. Pokemon unleash our full potential, and they in turn rely on us to provide training and strength.

How can you help? Team Solar wants you. It doesn't matter if you're bad at training and battling. We can fix that with practice. Don't be discouraged by losing. That's how you improve. We're fighting for people who will need your help, your strengths, and your talent. We organize tournaments and provide self-defense classes, so victims of pokemon crime will be able to fight back on their own. Find someone who lacks confidence, and teach them everything they need to know to build a team to stand against legends.

Current: Team Stellar, Team Solar, Team Lunar, Team Terra

Team Umbra

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