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The Factions of Kasei

Blurb on the factions here. Their role in Kasei and blah, blah, blah.

Are teams exclusive?

No, there are a lot of ways to be the best, and many paths to self-improvement. The point is, the journey never ends. Carve your own path to the top and bring it on. You can only wear one uniform at a time, though, and we'll all be waiting for you to switch out. Remember, you can't run from a trainer battle, and that goes double from us.

What do I have to do to join?

First, you'll have to compile a list of your skills and weaknesses, and give a little bit of detail as to their origins and extents. Our GMs use weaknesses to fuel other team's RP against you, and your strengths to assign you plots against them. If you don't list it, you might not get to use it, so if you know kung-fu, can investigate a crime scene, know the best way to put out a chemical fire, let us know. We also pair people based on those skills to cover each other and share common interests. Second, you'll have to make a team, and be ready to fight in doubles battles, so you'll want to spend some time discussing roles and strategy with your teammates. When you're in uniform you can only use pokemon that have a Fire, Flying, Fighting, or Dragon typing. So say... Kingdra, Skarmory, Ninetales, Breloom, Garchomp, Tropius. We run sun, so keep that in mind and don't ruin your partner's weather.

Team Lunar

Current: Team Stellar, Team Solar, Team Lunar, Team Terra

Team Umbra

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