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+planter (gives you access to your berry planter)
+planter (gives you access to your berry planter)
+gyms (View a list of Gyms, their locations, Leaders, and whether you've won the Gym Challenge there.)
==Fusion commands==
==Fusion commands==

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Helpful general commands

Some things that weren't listed elsewhere that ought to be.

@abortbattle If combat should glitch out and you need to disengage to actually use an exit, and whatnot. Only use this when your battle is glitched, else it will cause problems. ~Yang

+Mefight (to set yourself among the participation list in wild battles.)

+trainerbattle (to set yourself to avoid or allow trainer battles.)

+itemfinder (to set yourself to avoid or allow the item finder to ping.)

+Map (For viewing the grid map)

msummon/mjoin or xsummon/xjoin (to bring or join a player on the grid)

+collect (is the command to see the collection options that we have that redeem for nice items, like having all of Arceus' plates and trading them in for an Omega Token!)

+cf (is the shorthand of +classifieds to take you to the classifieds help screen. For our classifieds that you can by and sell items in. The buy list is for things people want to buy and sell is for things people want to see.)

+evcheck (Use this to see the EVs/IVs and hidden powers of your pokemon)

+scouter <name> (gives you an estimate of how strong someone and their team is)

+pversion (Shows the lists of pokemon specific to the Iron and Copper versions!)

+planter (gives you access to your berry planter)

+gyms (View a list of Gyms, their locations, Leaders, and whether you've won the Gym Challenge there.)

Fusion commands

Temp fusion: +tempfuse slotnumber, for example +tempfuse slot1, or slot2, ect.

Permafusions: Type +fusion to bring up your stored perma-fusions.

Temporary fusion requires a Bond stat of 140 or more with the Pokemon, and Permanent fusion requires a Bond stat of 255. Due to system limitations, items cannot be held by a Pokemon when it fuses.

In a temporary fusion, the Pokemon's gender is used. This can be averted if the Pokemon's bond stat is at 250 or more, in which case either the trainer's or Pokemon's gender can be chosen whenever fusion is performed.

In a permanent fusion, the choice of gender between the trainer's or the Pokemon's is made only once, at the time of the permanent fusion. The command to perform a Permanent fusion is +permfuse slot<#>. For example: +permfuse slot2. IMPORTANT! Once a Pokemon has been used in a permanent fusion, it is a part of the character forever. There is no way to return that Pokemon to your party as a separate entity.


Temporary fusions can un-fuse by typing +unfuse. This sends the Pokemon back to the trainer's current group, or - if the group is full - back to a slot in a Box. If all Boxes are full, un-fusing is impossible.

Pokemon Commands

+learn lets you train your Pokemon with new attacks

+switchpoke +slotswitch +pokeswitch [position1]=[position2] all different ways of changing the positions of Pokemon in your party

  • (Note, +Order is now interchangeable with +pokeswitch ect, also +first # also takes the desired slot number and automatically makes it the first in your party order.)

+mefirst allows you, if a fusion, to be the first Pokemon sent out in a battle

+sheet Shows your current forms stats/attacks, and a list of your inventory items.

+sheet slot(1-6) shows the current stats/attacks of a party Pokemon

+sheet/training A quick glance at your TXP/FXP Trainer and Fighter levels, the levels and bond of your Pokemon, and stats related to TP and your daily registered ticks

+sheet/pokemon a quick, but in-depth overview of your whole team, sans showing moves or stats.

+setmoves slot#=move1, move2, move3, move4 A quick command to change your default moves in your moveset

+setmoves slot#=#:move1, move2, move3, move4 Similar command to one above, but the second # is the bank number you are editing

+setdefault Shows movesets and asks you to pick the default.

Award market commands

These are commands for the award market, which you buy with special points you earn, victory and award points (VP and AP respectively.)

+Award/balance to see your total.

+Award/market to see the stuff you can buy.

Fusion item equip commands

+hold me=[item] holds [item] from your inventory

+unhold returns a held item to your inventory

Pokemon item equip commands

+hold slot[#]=[item] gives a Pokemon in your party an item to hold, replace [#] wth the number, remember to keep 'slot' there, though!

+unhold slot[#] returns a Pokemon's held item to your inventory

Out of battle item use

+use me=[item] This one targets yourself, best for boosters and the like!

+use slot[#]=[item] Targets a pokemon in your group!

Evolution commands

+evolve me=[your next stage specie name] Evolves yourself

+evolve slot[#]=[their next stage specie] evolves a party Pokemon

Pokedex commands

+dex [name]

+dex/attack [attack name]

+dex/item [Item/TM name]

Wild Battle

+hunt the basic command to encounter wild Pokemon, sometimes items.

+partner [name] request [name] to join you on a 2v2 version of +hunt

+unpartner leave the 2v2 hunting group

+scan Shows you a list of Pokemon in your current area, and how often they are likely to appear!

+scan #help Tells you how to use more advanced +scan commands, have fun!

+tierchange allows you to check if you meet the requirements to, and to change your tier, if able.

PVP commands

+pvp to list the pvps available in the room

+pvp/create to make a new request.

+pvp/join [name] to join a request.

+pvp/abort to abort creating a new battle

+pvp/teamsetup to setup your team, after creating or accepting a challenge

+concede (Since you can't run from a PVP match, this is used to give up.)

+watch <name> Watch the PvP match that <name> is currently a part of.

+bnotify turns off seeing other people putting up battle notifications

+review [re-displays the battle data, in case you forgot]

Trading commands

+trade/offer <name> [person you want to start a trade with] starts a trade

+trade/accept <name> [person offering you a trade] accepts an offered trade

+trade/decline declines an offered trade

+trade/manage lets you see the Pokemon in your trade-partners party, to select what you are asking for

+trade/confirm [after the screen showing the final trade, type in 'y' to accept or n to decline] Shows each player what they are asking for from each other

+trade/cancel stops the trade at any time

+trade/block automatically stops trade requests from being sent

+trade/unblock allows you to trade again

+pokegive <name> Offer a pokemon to someone.

+poketake <name> Receive a pokemon from someone.

+pokedeny <name> Decline someone's pokemon offer.

+pokegiveclear Clear offer data/Cancel offer.

Pokemart commands

+store lists a summary of the store commands, nearly every city has a +store

+store/list shows what is for sale in the store

+store/buy [item] buys one copy of a store item

+store/buy [item]=# Buys # copy of a store item

+store/sell [inventory item] sells one copy of an item from your inventory

+store/sell [inventory item]=# sells # copy of an item from your inventory

Player home commands

+gohome Creates a home room and takes you into that room.

+homename Allows you to designate a name for your home space

+homedesc Allows you to input a description for your home space. This description will automatically be applied whenever you type +gohome.

wa #roomhide Allows you to hide your home room from the whereare command. wa #!roomhide allows you to stop hiding your home room.

+out Whenever you are in a home room, you can type this to leave it and return to the location you occupied before you entered the home room. If the owner of the room types this, all current occupants are removed as well.

Gym Challenge Commands

See the Gyms page for a more detailed explanation of Gym Challenges.

+gymchallenge Begins a Gym Qualifier Challenge against a Gym's NPC junior trainers. (You must, of course, be standing in one of Kasei's Gyms!)

+abortchallenge Aborts a currently engaged Gym Qualifier Challenge.

+leaderchallenge Puts your name on the waiting list to challenge a Gym Leader. (You must be standing in a Gym, and have completed the Qualifier Challenge for that Gym.)

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