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Affiliation: Herself
Affiliation: Herself

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Aquestis Nemesis

Name: Aquestis Nemesis

Species: Lugia-Fusion

Gender: Female

Age: ???

Height: 10'

Affiliation: Herself



Aquestis is a large lugia-fusion, around a height of 10 feet tall. Her colors seem off, however, her hide is a darkened color, and her spines and the area around her eyes are a light purple. Her eyes themselves are red in color. Her arms and wings are one and the same, large and keeping similar purportions to a normal lugia. She stands on bare, digigigrade paws. She wears what looks like wetsuit material, black, covering her torso but lacking in any sort of sleeves, leaving her legs, tail and arms bare. Over that she wears a silver jacket with a torn stitchings where an 'R' used to be. A belt around her waist displays a small satchel and some pokeballs. She has dark purple hair that drifts down her neck, being slightly shiny due to water resistant nature.


Aquestis seems very unemotional. She claims this is due to the experimentation conducted on her by Team Rocket. According to her, they performed experiments to cause her to become filled with rage, in hopes of making her stronger. Therefore she bottles up all her emotions, so that the anger inside of her does not burst free.

She speaks with assertiveness and confidence, generally in a tone that implies she fully believes in what she speaks. Aquestis has yet to get involved in any physical battles, even when assaulted or attacked, she merely speaks her mind. Occasionally, mostly when speaking of Team Rocket, she will let a bit of anger show.

Known Information

Aquestis appeared one day, claiming the Iced Flamingo Resort Island for fusion-kind. Little is known about her past, though she claims to be the true Lugia, and her current state to be the result of illegal experimentation by the remnants of Team Rocket. She claimed the island, displaying amazing powers over controlling the weather and the ocean and claimed that the punishment for any humans setting foot on the island would be steadily increasing storms along the coast. However, perhaps seeing dollar signs, the owner of the resort, Reginald Archabald Simons, formally backed her statement, turning his island into a fusion gathering area and absolving Aquestis of any illegal deeds.

Update: Aquestis has recently lifted her ban on humans, saying that they can prove to her that they can get along.


This section is for players to add any information they may find out or suspect of Aquestis. Anything in this section may or may not be true.

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