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NBC gear is favored by general members.


With it's roots in the rural area of Bayou Bay, Team Venom has become almost a legend in it's own time. It's original members (or rather, the people who would go on to form it) were the children of western immigrants who had settled there generations ago. Fusions in particular had little recourse back in those days but to move to Kasei where there were more job opportunities, and more than a few banded together once they migrated lest they have work wrestled away from them. Some of the original members themselves were from less than reasonable backgrounds and brought with them native principles of going above and beyond the law in order to prosper for them and theirs. However as defensive as their cause may have originally been insinuated, their group soon became a fixture of major organized crime, spreading from the Bay to other areas of the region.


By current day, Team Venom are one of the more notorious Pokemon-related groups operating in Kasei, handling things from mon-napping to drugs and prostitution, as their scope doesn't lie only with Pokemon themselves--though they are regular trainers of poison and dark types (though not exclusively on purpose, just to avoid typing disadvantages). They profit highly off illegal underground Pokemon fighting rings in which mon are regularly wounded in unregulated tournaments with high stakes.

Burning Productions

On the outside, Burning Productions is a talent agency, it connects television stations and various other media agencies with singers, actresses and entertainers. Places like these are a main vein in the entertainment world. If you get to be any decent and work in such fields in Kasei, you've probably heard of the name if you've gone into the business.

What is not so commonly known (however no big secret) is that it is in fact controlled by Team Venom as a sort of functional front organization which it collects money from and also handily uses it to suppress unfavorable media attention to the group. The leaders can and will deny talent to any station that runs stories on them or helps them get unwanted attention. In addition, it also supplies actors to the adult film industry, humans and fusions included.

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