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'''''Chapter 2: Neo Umbra'''''
'''''Chapter 2: Project Deathless'''''
'''Act I - ???????????????'''
'''Act I - ???????????????'''
Roughly 9 months following Jet's defeat at Darkmoon Island...
Almost exactly 1 year after Jet's defeat at Darkmoon Island...
==Active Roster==
==Active Roster==

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"To eradicate the light of day.

To keep the morning sun at bay.

To watch the hope leave sullen eyes.

To extend our reach across blackened skies.

Team Umbra, striking hard against all things bright.

Surrender now, and embrace the night."



Growing discontentment regarding the loose-organizational hierarchy within the Kasei Underground membership resulted in the formation of a splinter group of mid-level trainers and fusions united by the goal of covering the region, and perhaps the world under the shroud of unending darkness. Drawing resources and funding from the remnants of the Underground's now-defunct sister-group, Team Venom, Team Umbra became a haven for the ambitious, driven, morally-black individuals who have zero reservations about taking what they believe to be theirs.

Team Umbra had existed as a whisper on the lips of criminals around Kasei until the group's formal creation sometime shortly after the joint Underground/Team Stellar attack on Port Nuovo during Typhoon Carracosta. Frustrated with the Underground's mismanagement of power in the underworld during the following months, a mysterious figure known then as the Shadow Man sought to bring the various competing crime groups to heel by offering a more organized, central hierarchy to underworld and the ideal conditions to continue their nefarious deeds.


While keeping the criminal element in order is part of its role, Team Umbra's ultimate goal is to create the ideal world of darkness. While for most members, the idea of an "endless night" is more metaphorical, believing that destabilizing the governing Kasei League from the shadows will make it easier to perform greater criminal acts. For those higher up, the dream is more literal, with hopes of terminating the daylight being the driving force behind many of the group's schemes.

Publicly, the group presents itself as an organization with the singular goal of doing away with a flawed system and replacing it with a "pure and perfect" society that is free of corruption. Of course, this is couldn't be any further from the truth. Power, absolute power is Team Umbra's ultimate endgame.

The Umbra Saga

Chapter 1: Nightfall

Act I - Project Metus: The Null Shade Fog

Shortly after acquiring Team Venom's resources, Umbra altered the biological make-up of Darkrai's Dark Void fog and synthesized the Null Shade, a potent strain of Darkrai's signature attack that induces an instant state of forced hypnagogia, a nightmarish "waking sleep" in which the victim is clearly asleep but fully reactive to outside stimuli and suggestion. Other, less debilitating side-effects include hallucinations and a lack of emotional control, leaving its victim experiencing irrational terror, uninhibited rage, and depression, all at varying frequencies. While the effects of the Shade aren't overtly permanent, prolonged exposure can result in damage to one's mental state. Most recently, the leadership has found that despite its nature, using a less virulent strain of the Shade on the lowest-level, more expendable rank and file "Sleepers", has proven an effective means to assert control and ensure obedience.

(RPly, Dark Type Pokemon/Fusions have a natural immunity to the effects of the Null Shade. Additionally, non natural-born fusions have an increased resistance due to the fact that both the human-mind and the pokemon-mind have the chance to control the fusion, and fight off the effects individually. Outside of that, all regular type resistances/weaknesses apply when it comes to how strong the Null Shade's effect is on the individual.)

Act II - Shadow Pokemon Resurgence

Following a brazen attack on the Kasei Poison Control Center, based in Bayou Bay, Team Umbra managed to secure a highly-altered version of Amoongus's Rage Powder, and used it in conjunction with a concentrated, liquefied version of the Null Shade that was then introduced to test subjects. The subjects exhibited rage, a complete suppression of free-thought, and most noticeably, a purple, mist-like aura. Umbra Commander Ansel identified the pokemon as the same as those seen in the Orre Region and thus referred to them accordingly; "Shadow Pokemon." Unable to level up or evolve, these pokemon had the interesting side-effect of a complete lack of type weakness or resistance. Their attacks, shadow versions of regular moves, had the same neutral-typing effect. Many members of the team have since incorporated Shadow Pokemon in their schemes to their advantage.

Team Umbra has been developing Shadow Pokemon in 3 phases of increasing potency known as Primary Wave, Secondary Wave, and Tertiary Wave. Ansel has refined the shadowing process a bit more with each subsequent production wave, using higher evolutionary levels with each wave due to their increased endurance. As of late, rumor has circulated about Ansel perfecting the shadowfication process, creating a group of Perfect Shadows known as the "Trinity." During a semi-routine smash-and-grab operation at the Kaseian Waste-water Treatment Plant, the organization was dealt crushing blow. Despite the successful collection of data from the plant's computers, the operation ended in the apprehension of Commander Ansel, who is currently in the custody of Team Solar

(RPly, trainers who have obtained Shadow Pokemon through Umbra-based RPs will find that they are in inexplicably good moods more often than not when in contact with their Shadow Pokemon. Unlike their Orre-based counterparts, Umbra's Shadow Pokemon actually sponge up their trainer's negativity and leave him/her in a rather cheerful mood. Why this is the case, and what happens to that negativity has yet to be revealed in RP.)

After a considerable amount of anticipation and planning, Team Umbra finally unveiled their largest plan to date: The capture of Kasei's captial, Ensou City. In a brazen shock and awe offensive, the group stormed the city set their perceived endgame into motion. At the climax of action, the organization's leader, the elusive Shadow Man appeared, and revealed himself to be none other than Jet , the Darkrai-fusion responsible for Typhoon Carracosta almost exactly 2 years before. He went about reactivating the Tempest, a weather control device that was stolen from Team Lunar, and plunged Kasei into a seemingly endless night that saw Kasei enveloped in a region-wise storm of darkness using the harvested negative emotional energy collected by the Shadow Pokemon the organization released throughout the region. It was during this confrontation that Commander Scylla decided that she had had enough enough of Umbra's madness, and fled the organization. To make matters worse, Jet also awakened the Trinity, which was revealed to be shadowed versions of Unova's Tao Trio: Reshiram, Kyurem, and Zekrom. On top of that, rumor of something called the "Swarm" has be heard, passing the lips of certain high-level Umbra admins.

Act III - The Longest Night: Enter The Cloudpiercer

The endless night that was Team Umbra's storm blanketed Kasei for almost a month, pouring a seemingly ceaseless deluge of dark rain across the region that slowly sapped the strength of people and pokemon unfortunate to be caught out in it without adequate protection. The combined efforts of Team Terra and Team Lunar were instrumental in the sheltering of citizens and pokemon from the rain's onslaught as well as developing a means to combat the dispel the weather anomaly outright, with many attempting to get above the clouds to no avail. Following weeks of nonstop construction, Team Lunar completed the massive airship, aptly named Cloudpiercer. And after a joint briefing with members of all the League's teams, a select group was prepped ready to board the Cloudpiercer with the improved and repurposed Tempest in tow.

This group, under the banner of the newly-formed Team Pulsar, journeyed into the clouds only to run into the Swarm of rumor - a horde of Beta Darkrai numbering somewhere in the hundreds and drawn to Kasei by the storm and the instinctive compulsion to feed on it. The Cloudpiercer crew was immediately assaulted by the Darkrai, who rightly believed the ship was there to rob them of them of their food supply. To make matters worse, Jet himself returned, bringing with him both Shadow Zekrom and Reshiram as well as two of his top lieutenants. After a grueling and distressing battle, the Tempest was finally charged with water and moonlight and fired. The resultant reaction quickly dispelled the storm, sending the remaining Swarm to flee in defeat. This night served a one of Team Umbra's most crippling defeats, and sent the group back into the shadows for the time being.

Act IV - Operation DreamScar

Team Umbra remained eerily dormant for months following its rout at the hands of Team Pulsar in the skies above Kasei. However, shortly after the New Year, in a chilling address to the region, Jet announced Umbra's resurgence as well as his final vision for the world. He revealed that nearly the entire defeated Darkrai "Swarm" had been 'collected' by Team Umbra, and taken to the organization's key lair, Darkmoon Island , off the coast west of Bayou Bay. The Darkrai's energy was to be used to power Umbra's 'magnum opus,' The Deimos Trigger, a weapon capable of tearing open the 'Dreamscar' between the real world and the Dreamworld and corrupting reality itself.

Directly following his region-wide broadcast, Jet went about activating the Deimos Trigger, and slowly tearing reality apart. Having time to prepare, the League responded with a response team made up of members from Team Terra, Team Solar, and other unaligned trainers, and set out for Darkmoon. The group was immediately set upon by the remainder of Umbra's forces, who were also bolstered by Darkrai who had willfully defected to the group. To make matters worse, Jet summoned the Trinity once again to defend Umbra's super-weapon as the Dreamscar widened across the sky above the island. In a coordinated effort, the League's response team was successfully able to rout the bulk of Team Umbra's forces, free the captive Darkrai, take control of the Trigger, and subdue the Trinity completely, leaving Jet as the sole opposition.

Undeterred, the Umbra leader siphoned the Trigger's remaining energy into himself to assume a 'Final Form' which he used to launch one more personal assault against the League. After failing to thwart Kasei's heroes by pitting them against shadowy versions of themselves, Jet retreated into the Dreamscar to regroup for a final confrontation in the Dreamworld unaware that a trap laid waiting for him. Upon his arrival, he was immediately beset upon by the pursuing League members and forcibly split from the host he was controlling. Cornered and disoriented from unfusing, Jet was summarily defeated, and his essence began to be pulled into a capture crystal that had been prepared prior to the battle. Jet fought hard against the pull of his prison, however he eventually lost out, but not before delivering a parting shot, stating that "Heroes always get remembered, but you know legends never die." With that chilling and cryptic statement, the leader of Team Umbra was sealed away in his crystalline confines to slumber until someone is brazened enough to set him loose on the world again.

Chapter 2: Project Deathless

Act I - ???????????????

Almost exactly 1 year after Jet's defeat at Darkmoon Island...

Active Roster


Jet - Umbra Leader - Patient, cunning, manipulative. The farsighted leader of Team Umbra who spends his time hatching plot after plot, while keeping his true motives hidden. (Status: CAPTURED??)


Cia - Krookodile-fusion Chief Admin NPC: Essentially in charge of Team Umbra in most cases. Cold and calculating. Very goal-oriented and easily annoyed by distraction and failure in her subordinates.(Status: AT LARGE)

Raven - Darkrai-fusion Admin PC: Laid back, overly friendly.. quite personable; but secretly the direct executor of Jet's ruthless will.(Status: DEFECTED)

Scylla - Houndoom-fusion Admin NPC: Playful, teasing, a bit absent-minded and equally short-tempered. A VERY sore loser.(Status: DEFECTED)

Ansel - Sableye-fusion Admin NPC: Techological genius behind all of Team Umbra's scientific advances. As brilliant as he is arrogant. (Status: AT LARGE)


Team Umbra is comprised of a large number of sleeper cells that are activated for various reasons, and take orders from one of the 3 regional section centers. Each center is lead by one of the Admins, and serves as a base for Umbra's influence of power over its specific geographic region. Each center coordinates with each other to further the organization's goals, but each one is fully capable managing the entire organization should one or the other two another become inoperable. The exact location of each center is unknown to most, but it is speculated that each is located underground.

The Combine - Maintains Umbra's influence in Western Kasei. The Combine is the entry point for all grunt-level members following recruitment. Additionally, it houses the bulk of Team Umbra's actual force, so to speak.

The Sandbox - Maintains Umbra's influence in Eastern Kasei. The Sandbox is responsible for all of Team Umbra's technological advances. The Null Shade as well as Shadow Pokemon are developed here, and promptly transported to the Combine for distribution to the various cells about Kasei.

The Core - Maintains Umbra's influence in Central Kasei. The Core is the de facto headquarters for Team Umbra. The Core coordinates all of the organization's plans, and has oversight over the other two centers. It is easily the most heavily-defended of the 3 centers; the best of the Team Umbra's operatives are stationed here.

Darkmoon Island - The key lair for Team Umbra. A previously hidden installation off the northwestern coast of Kasei where the organization launched its more final, most dangerous weapon, The Deimos Trigger in an attempt to destroy reality.


Members of Team Umbra often utilize, but aren't limited to Dark, Fire, Poison, and Ground types, employing them in the group's various schemes. As with most nearly every villainous team to date, Team Umbra does incorporate a uniform for its field operatives in the form of a simple black glove outfit with deep-red trim. The organization's emblem, regarded as the Crimson Crescent is usually noticeable somewhere on the upper chest. Of course, this isn't the case for operatives working undercover as normal attired is generally encouraged for such roles.

(Players interested in joining Team Umbra should speak to Jet or members of plotstaff directly.)

Presently, Team Umbra has been formally disbanded. Inductions have been suspended indefinitely.

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