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 @@@@@@   T E A M   T E R R A                                
@@@@@@@@   To protect the world from isolation,              
@@@@@@@@    To raise us out of desolation;                   
@\\||//@     To overgrow the forces of greed,                
  |  |        To render help to those in need;               
  /  \         Team Terra, helping solve the people's plight,
 /____\         Surrender now, and let's do what's right.    

Stellar Theaming

When you're in uniform you can only use pokemon that have a Bug, Rock, Grass, or Ground typing. So say... Scizor, Garchomp, Tyranitar, Aerodactyl, Tropius, Volcarona. We run sand, so keep that in mind and don't ruin your partner's weather.

Who is on Team Terra?

Actuve Duty Roster
Rank Member Names
Elite Pepper
Rangers Emerald, Amber, Maya
Grunts Enrique, Wycliffe, Cadejo, Chan, Cheren, Cruxis, Drake, Emira, Leonid, Natalie, Paprika

Riley, Takako, Wilfred

Candidates Alden, Autumn, Agni, Alan, Gabriel, Klyde, Michelle

Terra Projects and Events

Current Projects

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