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 /\   /\  T E A M   S T E L L A R                        
/  \  \/   To protect the world from stagnation,         
\  /        To control the flow of information;          
 \/  /\      To profit is our bottom line,               
    //\\      To rule the land for all of time;          
    \\//       Team Stellar, aspirations shining bright, 
     \/         Surrender now, or you'll fear the night. 

Stellar Theaming

When you're in uniform you can only use pokemon that have an Ice, Dark, Electric, or Ghost typing. So say... Chandelure, Galvantula, Abomasnow, Mamoswine, Gengar, Hydreigon. We run hail, so keep that in mind and don't ruin your partner's weather.

Who is on Team Stellar?

Active Duty Roster
Rank Member Names
Elite Sashae
Admin Kochavit, Scarlet
Rangers Amber, Jet, Maya, Mirri
Grunts Alicia, Marianne, Bastien, Bram, Dax, Rika, Zora
Candidates Delsere, Gabriel, Haken, Hank, Mathis, Voltaire, Yellow

Stellar Projects and Events

Current Projects

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