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   _.._   T E A M   L U N A R                         
 .' .-'`   To protect the world from superstition,    
/  /        To discover truth beyond imagination;     
|  |         To explore what none have known before,  
\  \          To test our theories until we're sure;  
 '._'-._       Team Lunar, libraries fill as we write,
    ```         Surrender now, to our bold insight.   


Lunar Theaming

When you're in uniform you can only use pokemon that have a Psychic, Water, Steel, or Poison typing. So say... Kingdra, Magnezone, Politoed, Toxicroak, Gallade, Excadrill. We run rain, so keep that in mind and don't ruin your partner's weather.

Who is on Team Lunar?

Active Duty Roster
Rank Member Names
Elite Xevryn
Admins Alex, Liam, Maya
Rangers Melissa, Claris, Kalinka, Wycliffe
Grunts Anniata, Chan, Delsere, Agni, Cera, Chloe, Gabriel, Hiro, Kenji, Lyona, Naressa, Nine

Nova, Oria, Paprika, Rachel, Roxie, Scarlet, Wilfred, Wulf

Candidates Mika, Skele

Lunar Projects and Events

List of Lunar Projects and important events.

Current Projects

  • Project Delphi: Can a flock of Natu predict strange phenomenon before it happens. Headed by Liam.
  • Project Styx: Mapping and exploration of the Aquifer. Headed by Maya.
  • Project Echidna: Wildlife survey of Kasei and study of Kasei's ecological stability. Headed by Maya.
  • Project Nevermind: Anti-suggestion research with psychic intervention. Headed by Liam
  • Project Maven: Low-key research of the dimensional 'hub' known as The Crossroads. Headed by Xevryn

Completed Projects

  • Ginrei Breach: Lunar Agents Nine and "Seventeen" closed a dimensional breach.

Postponed Projects

  • Project DRONE: Proposed testing of light power armor/containment suit. Headed by Alex.

Projects Pending Approval

  • Poke'rus Study: Proposed by Alex.
  • Dream Contact Study: Proposed by Alex.

Lunar Events

  • The discovery of The Crossroads.
  • Creation of Nine, a robot controlled by a Porygon. Now head of the Lunar Robotics Division.
  • Project Delphi manages to successfully time travel
  • Project Maven discovers alternate dimension and parallel scientific group, Team Altrios

More detailed information on dimensional travel can be found in the Dimensions page.

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