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=Who are we?=
We are doctors, nurses, scientists, teachers, students, architects, researchers, professors, engineers, inventors, the studious, the experimenters. We are the tinkers that design the better world. We stand on the shoulders of giants, and record what we see.
=What do we want?=
Knowledge, to understand the universe and everything in it. Tools, to better empower everyone. Criticism, for only the truth can endure the withering light of scrutiny. Pokemon break physics in ways that shouldn't be possible, and understanding how and why will give us mastery of these forces.
=How can you help?=
Team Lunar is accepting internships. We need your technical skills, your ideas, your brilliance. Come work for us, and help carry out our experiments, document your results, get published. Develop cures for diseases and treatments for injuries. Crunch some numbers for us and review our work. Try out our crazy toys and let us know how they explode. Our cake isn't always a lie.
=What's in it for you?=
Everything. Absolutely everything. You just have to be smart enough to understand how to get or invent it. Our labs are home to Psychic, Water, Steel, and Poison types. We'll give you experimental technology to play with and even destroy. Pilot a giant pokemon robot into battle and build skyscrapers with a laser-guided concrete blaster. You also get a boosted AP reward for participating in our GM-run plots, and for running those plots as a GM. You also get Blue Points. Lunar Missions are the only source of Blue Points.
=What are Blue Points?=
Blue Points are compatible with any pokemon that is Psychic, Water, Steel, or Poison. They can be used to buy any move off that pokemon's dex entry. They can be used to buy an IV. And they can be used to buy Dream World abilities.

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   _.._   T E A M   L U N A R                         
 .' .-'`   To protect the world from superstition,    
/  /        To discover truth beyond imagination;     
|  |         To explore what none have known before,  
\  \          To test our theories until we're sure;  
 '._'-._       Team Lunar, libraries fill as we write,
    ```         Surrender now, to our bold insight.   

Are teams exclusive?

No. We'll expect you to work hard, but everyone needs to let go and have some fun. Or so our psychologists say. Please return all Lunar property to their proper hazard level storage containers before you switch sides on us, though. Or we'll revoke your library card. You can only wear one uniform at a time, and if it's ours, you'll be stuck using our types and methods. Of course if it's not, then... well, we'll have to use you in our experiments, won't we?

What do I have to do to join?

First, you'll have to compile a list of your skills and weaknesses, and give a little bit of detail as to their origins and extents. Our GMs use weaknesses to fuel other team's RP against you, and your strengths to assign you plots against them. If you don't list it, you might not get to use it, so if you can make potions, perform rocket surgery, or do multivector calculus in your head, let us know. We also pair people based on those skills to cover each other and share common interests. Second, you'll have to make a team, and be ready to fight in doubles battles, so you'll want to spend some time discussing roles and strategy with your teammates. When you're in uniform you can only use pokemon that have a Psychic, Water, Steel, or Poison typing. So say... Kingdra, Magnezone, Politoed, Toxicroak, Gallade, Excadrill. We run rain, so keep that in mind and don't ruin your partner's weather.

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