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'''Height:''' 5'8"
'''Height:''' 5'8"
'''Occupation:''' Pokemon Trainer, Gym Leader
'''Occupation:''' Pokemon Trainer
'''Favored type:''' Fire
'''Favored type:''' Fire
'''Affiliation:''' Senarach City Gym

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ChariSue. Sueizard?

Name: Susan Ligers

Species: Human

Gender: Female

Age: 18

Height: 5'8"

Occupation: Pokemon Trainer

Favored type: Fire



[edit] Important Pokemon


Sue has many more pokemon, and tends to either have a gym team with her, or merely pokemon that require training. This list is just pokemon that have particular meaning to her.

[edit] Common Fusions

Sue is permafused with her Charizard. She will fuse with other pokemon on a basis of needing to, or wanting to try something new, but there are no other forms she uses particularly often.

[edit] Background

Both of Sue's parents were trainers when they were younger and the pokemon they were closest to still live with them. Sue grew up surrounded by pokemon and can't imagine life without. However, as much as she loves the pokemon she grew up with, she has desired to go and find her own companions in life. She had to start off a tad later than some do, but she wanted to properly finish schooling, as well as make sure her parents no longer needed her help before she did so.

Sue was born on the same day as the hatching of a charmander, whom was the offspring of a pokemon belonging to her father and one belonging to her mother. Sunspot, as the charmander was named due to having darker splotches on her hide, grew up alongside Sue as if they were sisters.

Sue had desired to attempt fusion, but was saving the experience for sharing with Sunny, while Sunny had no particular desire to do so. The choice was removed from both of them when an Onix tossed Sue off of a cliff, causing Sunny, then a charmeleon, to dive after her. Assuming she would be more durable, Sunny forced herself to fuse with Sue, but the experience also drove her to evolve at the same time. The combination of factors caused them to become permanently fused. Sunny's voice is always in Sue's mind, so they are always together now. When Sue takes her charizard form, the resulting person is a merging of both of their personalities and memories.

Sue worked at becoming the best trainer she could until she had a chance to apply to the pokemon league for gym leader membership. Perhaps due to being short handed at the time, her application was accepted.

[edit] Goals

Sue wanted for most of her life to become a gym leader, so that she could share training methods and help others become stronger. Since she was accepted by the pokemon league, her current goal is to do the best job that she can do. She plans on collecting all the gym badges and challenging the elite four, as well. She doesn't feel she has anything to prove at this point, she just wants to challenge herself to become the best she can be.

Although it is not a driving force in her life, she also aims to become a better trainer than Scarlet, whom she considers a friendly rival.

[edit] Personality

Sue is friendly and outgoing. She enjoys making new friends and trying new things.

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