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Name: Sashae Tucker

Species: Skuntank Fusion

Gender: Female

Place of Birth: Bayou Bay, Kasei

Occupation: Head of Team Stellar, Kasei Elite Four, Musician

Favored Type: Dark types (Specialty), Pokemon with musical or sound related abilities (Personal)

Affiliation: Team Stellar


Important Pokemon


Common Fusions

Sashae has a few fusions she uses, either to keep her identity low key in public, or to use their alternate abilities to her advantage. This includes a Zoroark for using Illusion as camoflauge and disguises, a Liepard for agility, or a Genger for their inherent sneakiness. She also has an affinity for Houndoom, as that was her father's favorite fusion.

Physical Description

Head high and stand proud, that is how this young lady carries herself. Tail held high too, but that's to be expected from a Fusion like Stunky, there is no other way to carry that volume of striped fluff and potential stench behind you. Fortunately unless she's had to resort to defending herself personally, she doesn't actually stink.

Her fur is a really dark purple-grey color, to the point that it could be mistaken for black from afar. In contrast a wide white streak runs down the length of her tail, briefly bringing eyes to her lower body. Sashae is aptly named, those hips certainly like to rock with her confident stride, her red miniskirt doing nothing to hide the motion. Toned legs lead down to designer raised heel boots with flared red cuffs, a sure sign this girl likes to make notice of herself and will go that extra expense to do so.

Looking back upward, the dark purple color of her body is contrasted by the light cream color of her toned belly, midrift bared by her usual outfit. A yellow halter-top to match her miniskirt hugs to her figure, the tight fit and wide cut neckline accenting the generous size of her bust, a tuff of white fur puffed just at the neckline. On top she wears a magneta jacket with a flared dark blue collar, and rarely does she ever go anywhere without her trusty keytaur (that's a keyboard synthesizer shaped like and held like a guitar, for you people that missed out on the 80s) or a good electric bass. The combination of colors and instrument against a dark body coat stands out in a crowd, and that is exactly how she wants it.

From her head flows thick locks of a sharp pink color, and contrary to how it might appear that is the natural color. A few bangs curl high and dangle their tips down in front, occasionally covering one eye in a sassy manner. Two small cupped ears poke out of the sides, the rest of it hanging down to the small of her back, unbound and free. Her eyes are bright blue, accented by long lashes and pinkish coloring that could be mistake for eyeshadow but is the natural markings around a Stunky's eyes. A thin white stripe runs down from her brow to the small pink button of a nose on the end of her rounded muzzle, with a pair of short white whisker tuffs sticking out from the cheeks. Dark red lipstick decorates her lips, small fangs are visible though when she smiles or gives one of those coy smirks.


There comes a time in one's life when you just need to go somewhere else for a while. That is what happened to Sashae. No harsh life, no tragic backstory, just one girl needing to see more than the world she grew up in. After going to school at Lakeside for a few years and managing to make a small name for herself by performing at the local bar/club circuit when she wasn't working at the Burrow, that is exactly what Sashae did, leaving the comfort of Kansei to see more of the world. Music comes from two sources of inspiration: Emotion and Experience. The girl had plenty of the former, but it took travelling to other countries to flesh out the latter beyond the life she grew up knowing.

But like they say, eventually every road leads back home. Sashae is no different, having come back to Kansei wiser to the ways of the world. Sharper, more clever, more in tune with what a strong tune can do. She's still the fun loving 'skunk rocker' she was when she left, but there is a new passion in those eyes. A new purpose behind that alluring voice. A desire not only to make music for the world to enjoy, but to make her world what she wants it to be, musical and otherwise.

Things having taken an unusual and unexpected turn for her since then, with Sashae being appointed as the leader of Team Stellar, and with it a spot on Kasei's Elite Four once they are prepared to open the gates. While not necessarily the fame and fortune she expected when she signed up, she's determined to do her best to make Team Stellar's reputation one to be taken seriously.


Dark type carries a certain stygma with it; certainly Poison type does too. Just being a skunk in general does! But stereotypes is not something Sashae will allow herself to be defined by or molded into. Angsty and broody? Forget that! This girl is vibrant and spirited, a socialite and a songstress that is defining herself rather than letting herself be defined by others. Sashae wants that fame and fortune certainly. But she's not afraid to work for it, and to work in general when a pretty face, sweet voice and a nice rump to shake aren't going to be enough. Yet at the same time, the aspects are there. Her tongue is as sharp as her claws when need be; get on her bad side and poisonous words may be worse than the smell from her tail. She can be snarky and dour as easily as she is sweet and alluring. She's not afraid to push a few boundries, bend the occasional rule and twist a couple of arms if it's the way to get the right thing done.


Music has more power in the world than most people give credit. A pretty face, a sweet voice and a few choice phrases to a rhytmn can influence the public in ways business wish they could move with their money. But if fame and influence are good or bad depends entirely on what you are willing to do with it. You need to control it, not let it control you. Fame. Fortune. Prestige. Contracts, promotional deals and getting into high class events just on fame and good looks. What every aspiring music star wants. But even if your voice is pretty you've got to be willing to dirty your knuckles when necessarily. Occasionally twist an arm as often as you shake a hand. The latter is what got her onto Team Steller and into it's high stature -- not that she wanted those things, but that she was willing to work for them, even if the means aren't always the most reputable.

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