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[[Image:GGigNk1.png|thumb|"Something seems different..."]]
'''Name:''' Riley Williams
'''Name:''' Riley Williams

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Name: Riley Williams

Species: Zorua Fusion

Gender: Female

Age: 19

Height: 5'0"

Occupation: Pokemon Trainer

Favored type: Normal

Affiliation: P.A.L.S.


Important Pokemon



Riley is a purple rat girl, which one might expect from a Rattata. She stands at a height of about 4 feet tall on digitigrade paws, with a type of black rubbery boot that allows her toe claws to stick out. Despite being short, she does not look young, rather, she appears to be a small woman of about 20 years old. She has a nice figure if you don't mind the size, with her chest slightly larger than average. Of course, the size is relative to her body.

She is covered in purple fur, however, her belly, hands, paws, and underside of her muzzle are instead a light cream color. Her eyes are the normal red for the species. She has hair that drifts down her back of a very dark, nearly black, purple color.

Her features are very similar to the pokemon she is fused with. She has a tail which curls at the tip. Her face has a feminine muzzle, with her nostrils at the tip and a pair of buck teeth poking out. She has the usual whiskers and rounded ears of the species as well. Her hands and feet both come equipped with small claws that would most likely be more suitable for climbing than combat.

Her usual clothing consists of jeans that stop above her extended ankle. She sports a green t-shirt that says 'Bite me! (I bite back)', with a black jacket over it that hangs down a bit. She has a small satchel placed on the side of her belt for trainer supplies, with some pokeballs hanging on the other side.

Riley also wears a red scarf around her neck, it's wrapped so that one end is short on front, and the other end dangles down her back a bit.

Common Fusions

Riley is currently unable to fuse or unfuse.


Riley was a regular enough girl growing up in Kanto. She was prettier than average, but not one of the most popular girls. She was quite aware of the pokemon stuff going on around herself, without having much of an interest herself. After graduating High School, she found herself ending up working at a department store.

Working there started to drive her crazy. Dealing with customers is annoying and is not where she saw herself in life. Therefore she decided to quit and become a pokemon trainer. Her only reasoning was that they get various types of benefits and don't seem like they actually have to work very hard. Her parents, of course, were not happy with her descision, so she chose to move to Kasei to get away from them.

Short after moving, something happened. She can't remember what, but she woke up in her new form. She had nothing against fusions, they were a bit odd to her, but whatever made them happy. She definitely did not want to be one of them, especially being stuck as a rodent.

As a method of compensating, Riley threw herself into pokemon training. She felt if she could become a great trainer, her physical traits wouldn't matter and she would still get respect. She has also recently joined P.A.L.S. as a way of putting her training to some good use, as well as gain some respect in the process.


Riley wishes to be one of the best pokemon trainers in the region. She doesn't particularly wish to be the champion, as she doesn't want to deal with challenges all the time. She wants respect and perhaps a little fame.


Riley has slowly gotten used to the circumstances that she found herself in. She can still be abrupt and seem uncaring at times, because she thinks people should just suck it up and deal with their problems. She is a nice enough person, but tends not to get very mushy or emotional.

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