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P.A.L.S. stands for Pokemon Advanced Logistics and Special-Ops force. It is a force that was put in place by the current police force to handle threats that are beyond the scope of the normal police force. This group has advanced training to make sure they are able to perform in any situation that proves to be to large for the police to control. Some such threats may include terrorist threats, bomb threats, or operations in areas considered to harsh for normal teams such as the insides of volcanoes, frozen tundras, or deep in caves. Currently the task force is small and only limited to a handful of two to eight man teams depending on job, but if threats increase they will actively start pulling volunteers from the police force and civilian population to train for more help. As of right now they are still taking volunteers, but not actively looking for recruits.

Duty Roster


Karin Roberts, Female, Arcanine-Fusion (NPC)

Background: Entered the territory of Kasei at the age of 5 and became a naturalized citizen. After finishing school she soon enrolled in the KRPD's training academy and graduated with abover average marks. Her prowess in the field soon got her superior's attention as she made her way from beat cop to detective and finally to chief of police of the regional police force. She maintains a slightly grizzled if world-weary stance on the region's well-being and current events, taking her job with careful consideration.

Personality: The chief is a pragmatist; she likes to take practical solutions to life's problems. Her methods may be somewhat against the norm, such as requiring offenders to undergo often humliating public services in lieu of lesser charges. She affirms that if there is a way to solve the regions problems, inventiveness is key, resulting in her unorthodox ways. Roberts enjoys outdoors life in her spare time, taking advantage of the beautiful countryside to go backpacking and hiking.

Short description: 5'6" Arcanine femme, sandy blonde hair, stocky build, brown eyes, usually found wearing sports clothes when not in uniform. (Tanktops, sweatpants, jogging pants, ect.)


Gene Samuels, Male, Monferno-Fusion (NPC)

Michelle O'Connors, Female, Human (NPC)

Majors: None Currently

Captains: None Currently

Lieutenants: None Currently

Sergeants: None Currently


Riley Williams, Female, Ratata-Fusion

Adelaide Devereaux, Female, Human

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