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Affiliation: Team Glacier
Affiliation: Team Glacier

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(Pixel) Artist's Rendition

Name: Kyra

Species: Kyurem-Fusion

Gender: Female

Age: ???

Height: 9'

Affiliation: Team Glacier

[edit] Appearance

Kyra looks very much like the pokemon she is fused with. She is more humanoid, standing upright on two legs. She wears some sort of technologically advanced armor that is patterned to fit in with the 'armored' look of her body shape. She has purple hair.

[edit] Known Information

Kyra has shown up a few times, through the portals that had been appearing throughout the region of Kasei, yet had not spoken. She merely appeared to be taking readings with some sort of device. However, during one event, she encountered Aquestis and finally spoke. She claims to be from an alternate reality, a world which has been conquered by 'Team Glacier.' According to her, their team controls all of their worlds legendary pokemon. They somehow managed to create a rift to our world. The portals have been growing in size and strength. When the portals are properly stable, it seems that Team Glacier will make an attempt at conquering our world.

[edit] Speculation

Feel free to add any speculation here.

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