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If life ain't just a joke, then why are we laughing?

Name: Jet

Gender: Neutral (Identifies male, but generally is based on fusion)

Species: Darkrai

Physiology: Parasitic-fusion (Multiple human hosts at different times)

Known Aliases: "Big Brother", "The Superior" "The Shadow Man"

Age: Unknown, (speculated 400+ yrs)


Affiliation: Team Umbra



The origins of this Darkrai were clouded in mystery, even to itself. If one were to ask it, it would say that it 'awakened' in a flash of light in the late 17th century, alongside a Cresselia, that it would regard as its sister and companion. But from the moment that glowing cyan eye opened, the Darkrai knew one word - Balance.

Over the following years, the Lunar Duo would come to understand the nature of the Balance and their role in serving it. Following the example set by older members of their species, The Darkrai learned that while it could cause nightmares based on people's fears, its true purpose was to alleviate a person's negativity, terrors, and anxiety by consuming nightmares that already existed. Its sister-Cresselia would then replace the eate dreams with pleasantly serene ones.

The elder Darkrai also warned of taking too much negativity on at one time or risk becoming consumed by that very darkness. The Darkrai, unable to accept its own limitations, took it upon itself to try to help and heal as many people as it could, despite its sister's constant pleading to slow down. Many more years passed and the Lunar Duo traveled across the Asian continent and into Europe, offering their special brand of healing and support. The Darkrai continued disregarding the elders' teachings and gorged itself on pain and misery, ignoring the warning signs of its own self-created decline.

Others also started to take notice of the effect the Darkrai's consumption had on it. As time passed, more and people and Pokemon started to see the Darkai as a creature of shadow - a scourge, resorting to fleeing or outright acts of hostility towards the it. Cresselia insisted that these incidents were simply misunderstandings that could dismissed just as easily. Despite the occasional hardship, the siblings still tried to do their part and help humanity, as the Balance demanded until a fateful series of events in southern France saw the Lunar Duo go their separate ways.

Years of constant 'misunderstandings' had taken its emotional toll on the Darkrai, causing it to question a Balance that would have it suffer as a victim of humanity's ire. These frustrations and disillusionment with its family came to a head as it attempted to help a trio of Pokemon that had taken the siblings in. When the Darkrai attempted to use its talents to defend their friends from a group of hostile Pokemon, it was rewarded by the same fearful stares and animosity he had received so many times before. Unfortunately for the siblings, this was the final straw.

The Darkrai finally confronted its sister, airing long-supressed grievances with the Balance and the parents that would impose it their will so cruelly upon them. Taking on the name 'Jet,' the Darkrai declared that it would keep its own judgment over humanity's vice and show the Darkrai species a future that didn't involve being seen as monsters - a future at the top of the metaphorical food chain. Vowing to go alone, Jet left its sister behind and began taking a more heavy-handed approach to humanity. While refining its craft, Jet learned to sustain itself on the iniquities of humans by manipulating their desires and their fears in order to bend them to its will.

These forays into the human psyche eventually saw Jet stumbling upon fusion for the first time. Through careful vetting and manipulation of perspective humans, Jet effectively lengthened its lifespan by jumping from host to host ad feeding on their negativity, like a sybiotic parasite. Jet would repeat the process for centuries on end until the winds of fate found the Darkrai reaching the shores of Kasei, a region Jet surmised would be the perfect starting point for its master plan to come to fruition.


Initially, Jet believed its creators, the Prime Cresselia and Darkrai, to be fickle and uncaring parents, who subjected its siblings to an unfair cycle of maintaining dreams and nightmares known as the Balance. Early in his rebellion against the system, Jet wanted only to tear it all down, destroy the Balance and the society it served outright, leaving bedlam and disorder in its wake.

After an extended banishment in the DreamWorld, Jet returned with a more practical plan; improve upon the Balance and propel the Darkrai species to its rightful place, at the top of the metaphorical heap.

Recent Events

Jet had been devising creative ways to satisfy his hunger for fear, concocting schemes of varying involution to achieve this goal. Additionally, the Darkrai-fusion has been known to engage in various criminal activities with the Kasei Underground, resulting in numerous brushes with the authorities and occasional run-ins with his nemesis of sorts, Drake.

Additionally, since orchestrating the Typhoon Carracosta incident, many believed that Jet has fled Kasei altogether, considering no word has been heard from or mention made of the creature in criminal circles. It was then revealed that Carracosta as a whole was meerly a ploy to sow disconentment within the Kasei Underground leadership and simultaneously frame Team Stellar in order to distract the League from his true plans, the creation of the organization known as Team Umbra.

In recent months, he made his affiliation with the organization known to the public and revealed himself to be the leader of the group. After a veritable swath of chaos and destruction, he was sealed away in the Dreamworld, doomed to slumber within his crystalline confines until he manages to break few from his prison, and begin a tour of unholy revenge on those who worked to seal him away.

Known Hosts

As a parasitic-fusion, Before his sealing, Jet had acquired the services of a long-term 'willing' host, whom he claimed to have a symbiotic relationship with. Jet had two varying appearances, which he used as his needs called for:

A. Normal State: In this state, the host looks completely unassuming, bearing no physical differentiation to suggest that he/she is under the control of the Darkrai aside from the occasional odd movement of the host's shadow. Also, in this state, Jet's abilities are limited, so he uses this form to move freely in public.

B. Full Possession: The form Jet prefers. Uninhibited both physically and mentally, the Darkrai-parasite is able to express the full extent of his shadow manipulation.

Iketani Kazuya- Weavile-fusion, Age: 23. Hometown: Sapporo, Japan.

A Sneasel-fusion born into the Iketani Clan of Sapporo, Japan. Ishikari Prefrecture. Most of his youth was spent training in his family's traditional customs that dated back to the Warring States era of feudal Japan. The arts of silence motion infiltration and ninja-esque combat were passed down through the generations of his family, though at this date in age they were suited for use as paid enforcers and information brokers for the Yakuza. The payments of contracts completed by the clan were the prime source of income, making the Iketani family one of the more wealthy groups in Sapporo.

Jet came to Kazuya the night of his first contract. It was simple shakedown/intimidation run for one of the lesser crime bosses. Jet promised that if he agreed to the Darkrai's help, Kazuya would be allowed the power to eventually take over the criminal element of Sapporo, and ensure that his clan was taken care of without any risk to those he cared for.

Kazuya eventually realized that the agreement he made with Jet was a classic deal with the Devil, as the Darkrai overpowered the fusion and made him a prisoner of his own mind while Jet ran roughshod across Kasei, sowing discord under the banner of Team Umbra. Eventually, with some outside help, Kazuya slowly regained a enough control over the fusion to help the heroes of Kasei separate him from Jet on Darkmoon Island and seal the Darkrai away in the Dreamworld.

Dane Nadyr- Human, Age 34. Hometown: Saffron City, Kanto.

Already an accomplished economist and the youngest member of the Silph Co. Board of Directors in Saffron City, Dane quickly became disillusioned with the political and economic climate of the region and believed that he could bring about change in the world by his own hand, if not through questionable means. Having caught wind of Team Umbra's exploits, he approved his own transfer to Silph Co's Ensou Branch while secretly becoming a member of the group and later orchestrating Umbra's siege of Ensou City the night of the Tempest's firing.

Noticing his political and financial acumen, Jet positioned Dane as the CEO of the NuvaLux Firm, an Umbra-led offshore development group that secretly funded the organization's works while simultaneously grooming him to become his next host should Kazuya prove less than useful, noting that Dane's particular skill set would prove useful in future days.

Dane spent many months outside of the region, overseeing NuvaLux while always preparing for the eventuality that he'd have to return to Kasei - a scenario that would come to light much sooner than he expected. Upon hearing word that Jet been defeated on Darkmoon Island and the organization had fallen into disarray, he quickly made his return to Kasei and instituted "Project Deathless," an emergency directive set into motion months before. Assuming the role of leader of the resurgent Team Umbra, Dane has taken to the task of achieving 'Reunion'.


During his time with his previous host, Kazuya Iketani, Jet was a difficult individual to understand emotionally. To those who work with/for him, he came off a cold and distant, focusing on completing the task at hand. While, a moment later he appeared almost jovial, with an eerie, almost sadistic sense of humor. Beneath the quixotic exterior, lied a cruel, villainous soul that fed on fear and negativity, and would to great lengths to ensure their persistence. He also exhibited a near-Machiavellian level of ambition, not hesitating to sacrifice "dead weight" to accomplish his goals however, he was also able to recognize talent in those in his company and would do what is necessary to cultivate those skills as they suited his needs. He enjoyed toying with his prey, reveling in their dismay for his own twisted sense of satisfaction. Paramount to all of this, he exhibited extreme narcissism, had an exceptionally high opinion of himself, and saw himself as an apex predator in relation to other Darkrai, whom he tended to look down on as his lessers.

Following his 2 year imprisonment in the DreamWorld, Jet returned to Kasei as his 2nd incarnation. With his chosen host, Dane Nadyr, he retained his predatory nature, but gone was his penchant for playful teasing and goading of his prey. Instead, he exhibited a general emotional indifference, claiming a higher understanding of the heart and darkness that resides within it. A cunning wordsmith, Jet spoke with calmness and deep authority. He had a tendency to be melodramatic, making long-winded speeches, and exaggerating his false rage and pride with wide sweeping arm movements and hand gestures. These exaggerations represented his lack of emotion. Also, this new fusion afforded him a saint-like level of patience that let his schemes play out on his own timetable. Jet also adopted a greater people sense that allowed him to pick up on a person's nature, insecurities, and fears within a few moments of meeting them, often choosing to twist and manipulate them for his own interests.

An unforeseen side-effect of gaining control of Twilight and the dreams and memories that came with it was a strange inability to remain within one host for any extended amount of time. It address this, Jet enlisted the help of two additional hosts and the personality quirks that came with them. In what is regarded as his 3rd incarnation, Jet's general demeanor has softened considerably. He appears more thoughtful in his process, taking time to consider the steps he's taken to get to where he is now and how that relates to the overall future. Unlike his previous forms, he no longer sees the need in grand shows of force. Utilizing an uncanny sense of farsight, he incorporates lighter touches during crucial moments in a plan's progress and lets the results domino into the greater-influencing outcome he forsees. Jet takes a measured, almost academic approach to those stand against him, deeming a victory over the heart and mind more important than any martial conquest.

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