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If life ain't just a joke, then why are we laughing?

Name: Jet

Gender: Neutral (Identifies male, but generally is based on fusion)

Species: Darkrai

Physiology: Parasitic-fusion (Multiple human hosts at different times)

Known Aliases: "Nightmare", "The Boogeyman" "The Shadow Man"

Age: Unknown, (speculated 350+ yrs)


Affiliation: Team Umbra



The origins of the Darkrai known simply as Jet are clouded in mystery, even to himself. If one were to ask him, all he could honestly say is that he just appeared one day, born from brilliant flash of light much like other pokemon of his particular grouping. But from the moment that glowing cyan eye opened, the Darkrai knew one thing for certain - he was hungry.

Most of Jet's early life was spent trying to determine what it was in the world that successfully staved off his hunger and, much to his delight, he found that the dreams of the sleeping, particularly nightmares, were the most filling of meals. Having learned this, Jet spent most of following months innocently feeding on the dreams of unsuspecting sleepers, as was the case with most Darkrai. His actions were innocuous at best, but he soon found that it took more and more dreams to satisfy his hunger, and less time would pass before those hunger pangs roiled up inside him again.

Concerned, he was forced to feed more frequently, searching out more terrifying dreams to dine on. This was no easy task, and it often left him feeling actually sick to his stomach when he'd come up empty-handed. This desperation forced Jet to become more proactive in his hunting, resorting to secretly causing minor stressful situations for his targets that would leave them frustrated, stressed, or uneasy in order to enhance the potency of their nightmares. For a time, Jet was content with himself and the trouble he caused.

Some time later, Jet caught wind of a phenomenon called fusion, though all he took away from it was how it was said to improve a pokemon's natural abilities by sharing a body with a human. The idea initially disgusted the Darkrai, but his opinion changed when he thought of how he could use fusion as a means to create stronger nightmares to feast upon. Unsure of how to go about fusion with a human, Jet decided to test it on one of his more frequently-visited targets, an older man who was prone to bouts of sleepwalking at night.

As night crept over the land, Jet wormed his way into the man's dreams and waited for his time to strike. Much to his surprise, he had little difficulty fusing with the sleeper. The Darkrai turned parasite reveled in the control he had over his sleeping host and more importantly how much more powerful he felt. Returning the slumbering man to his bed, Jet left him, intent on finding a more long-term host to facilitate his feedings.

Many months passed, and Jet had refined his craft to something of an art. Realizing that he couldn't keep a permanently sleeping host, he went on to coerce willing targets to join with him, enticed by the 'promise' that they would be granted access to the Darkrai's abilities in exchange for a simple ride. What Jet had come to learn, but keep secret from his hosts, was that prolonged fusion with the parasitic Darkrai resulted in a rapid deterioration of one's mental state. Once a host's usefulness expired, Jet would simply leave them to wallow in their madness as he flew off to find another "ride."

Having spent so much time floating about within the minds of his hosts, Jet has learned that, while nightmares born of terror are tasty, a Darkrai can obtain a much more filling meal by going straight for the source of said dreams; negative emotion itself. So, as of recently, Jet has taken a more aggressive approach in his feedings with actively antagonizing populations and committing major criminal activities with the Kasei Underground tipping off the proverbial iceberg of "organized chaos." To this day, Jet still continues to feed his hunger and search for the perfect meal.


Jet concerns himself with his own hunger for fear and nightmares above all e lse. This isn't to suggest that this is his singular motivation; it simply means that maintaining control over it is paramount. The Darkrai-fusion truly believe s that those weaker or useless are meerly prey for him to feed upon. His ultimat e dream would be to leave the Kasei, no.. Leave the world in a state of peaceles s, nightmarish darkness so that he may feast on their fears.

Current Events

Jet had been devising creative ways to satisfy his hunger for fear, concocting schemes of varying involution to achieve this goal. Additionally, the Darkrai-fusion has been known to engage in various criminal activities with the Kasei Underground, resulting in numerous brushes with the authorities and occasional run-ins with his nemesis of sorts, Drake.

More recently, since the Typhoon Carracosta incident, many believe that Jet has fled Kasei altogether, considering no word has been heard from or mention made of the creature in criminal circles. However, many rumors have swirled, stating that Jet has some kind of shadowy connection to the organization known as Team Umbra.

In recent months, he made his affiliation with the organization known to the public and revealed himself to be the leader of the group. After a veritable swath of chaos and destruction, he was sealed away in the Dreamworld, doomed to slumber within his crystalline confines until he manages to break few from his prison, and begin a tour of unholy revenge on those who worked to seal him away.

Known Hosts

As a parasitic-fusion, Jet has acquired the services of two 'willing' hosts, which he's prone to switch with for his own purposes. Both hosts have two varying appearances, which Jet uses as his needs call for:

A. Normal State: In this state, the host looks completely unassuming, bearing no physical differentiation to suggest that he/she is under the control of the Darkrai aside from the occasional odd movement of the host's shadow. Also, in this state, Jet's abilities are limited, so he uses this form to move freely in public.

B. Full Possession: The form Jet prefers. Uninhibited both physically and mentally, the Darkrai-parasite is able to express the full extent of his shadow manipulation.

Iketani Kazuya- Weavile-fusion, Age: 23. Hometown: Sapporo, Japan.

A Sneasel-fusion born into the Iketani Clan of Sapporo, Japan. Ishikari Prefrecture. Most of his youth was spent training in his family's traditional customs that dated back to the Warring States era of feudal Japan. The arts of silence motion infiltration and ninja-esque combat were passed down through the generations of his family, though at this date in age they were suited for use as paid enforcers and information brokers for the Yakuza. The payments of contracts completed by the clan were the prime source of income, making the Iketani family one of the more wealthy groups in Sapporo.

Jet came to Kazuya the night of his first contract. It was simple shakedown/intimidation run for one of the lesser crime bosses. Jet promised that if he agreed to the Darkrai's help, Kazuya would be allowed the power to eventually take over the criminal element of Sapporo, and ensure that his clan was taken care of without any risk to those he cared for..

Sophia Hale- Human, Age 25. Hometown: Cardiff, Wales. UK.

Sophia was raised in a financially-disadvantaged home on the outskirts of Cardiff. Her school life was tumultuous due to her circumstances with her fellow students constantly berating and teasing her and her family. The following years didn't see her difficulties lessened. Rather, her tormentors grew more creative in their abuse, and their jeers and barbs turned into physical attacks against her person.

Over time, the abuse made having a life outside of home extremely difficult. Fear of being assaulted by her long-term botherations continually plagued her thoughts, leaving her paranoid and suspicious of everyone around her. Her pain and frustration was delicious enough to draw Jet to her. The Darkrai proceeded to promise her the power to exact her revenge on those who had wronged her as well as build the life she's force if necessary.


Jet is a difficult individual to lock down emotionally. To those who work with/for him, he can come off a cold and distant, focusing on completing the task at hand. While, a moment later he can appear almost jovial, with an eerie, almost sadistic, sense of humor. If one were to ask him, he would say that this personality trait is to mask his truly diabolical nature. Beneath the quirky exterior, lies a cruel, villainous soul that feeds on fear and negativity, and would to great lengths to ensure their persistence.

He also exhibits a near-Machiavellian level of ambition, not hesitating to sacrifice "dead weight" to accomplish his goals however, he is also able to recognize talent in those in his company and will do what is necessary to cultivate those skills as they suit his needs. Additionally, he is a masterful and charismatic wordsmith with the keen ability to manipulate friend and foe alike to accomplish his goals. It is also important to note that he seems to enjoy toying with his opponents, reveling in their dismay for his own twisted sense of satisfaction. Paramount to all of this, he exhibits extreme narcissism. He has an exceptionally high opinion of himself, and sees himself as an apex predator in relation to other Darkrai, whom he tends to look down on as his lessers.

Additionally, centuries of jumping from host to host, refining his 'craft' has molded him into a patient, farsighted hunter, who is capable of playing the long game in order to see his plans come to fruition. This was evidenced by his four-year plan to destabilize the Kasei League, and use his newly-created organization, Team Umbra to nearly destroy reality in order to accomplish his ultimate goal - turn the world into an endless nightmare from which there is no waking.

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