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For the many players that have aspired to lead gyms in-character we've devised a set of requirements that we the administration ask of them ICly as well as out-of-character to hold such positions.

1: A minimum of at least 5 hours of IC time a real life week as their gym leader character, this is time spent in-character in general and in their gym. If this requirement is not met the character can face removal from the position, however it is understandable that applicants may have real lives as well, so posting to board 4 with any vacation notices is appreciated. (The staff does like to keep ABREAST of what's happening.)

2: Show up for matches or sparring that you schedule with anyone; we want gym leaders to be out and about as well as hanging around their gyms, even if it's just to do sparring/social RP or battles. This doesn't mean you are REQUIRED to Rp at any given time but the availability is encouraged.


1: What gym do you think best fits your character?

2: Why do you think your character fits into the desired gym? Do they fit in with the theme (such as Aqua Garden's stage magician/water park theme) or the type's involved?

Gym themes

The current gyms are dual-themed and are broken down into various themes.

Senarach, Fire/Dragon: Fiery Dragon Kitchens [Leader: Sue]

An Iron-chef style cooking warehouse made out of an old converted warehouse. With dragons.

Port Nuovo, Electric/Dark: liveWIRE [Leader: Titan]

An electric- and dark- nightclub - the only place to be in Port Nuovo!

Skygrove, Grass/Flying: Genesis Solarium [Leader: Arianthe]

Glass greenhouse and bird sanctuary

Bayou Bay, Bug/Poison: Quagmire Plantation [Leader: Hank]

Renovated mansion made in the style of western plantation house. Now poison/bug ninja heaven.

Ice Flamingo, Ice/water: Aqua Garden

Seapark and stage magician gym/attraction.

Dovetail, ghost/psychic: Soul Sanctuary [Leader: Tamesis]

Cathedral built by catholic missionaries in Kasei's past, now meditation center and psychic hangout.

Shale Valley, Rock/Steel: Shale Valley Museum

Fossil and Rock pokemon research laboratory and museum.

Senshin, Ground/Fighting: Senshin Monastery

Sparring arena for fighting and ground-type enthusiasts.

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