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Gonna have to use your imagination here.

Name: Evelyn Summers

Species: Dratini-Fusion

Gender: Female

Age: 23

Height: 4'0"ish.. she's snakey so it's variable.

Occupation: Candy Spokesperson

Favored type: Dragon

Affiliation: None


Important Pokemon



Eveyln Summers is a dratini fusion. Eve seems to be nearing the height of 4 foot tall, however, she seems to be lacking in legs, her lower half merely being a nagalike tail. So she is a bit 'longer' than that, but her tail becomes to thin to support her weight for her to be any 'taller.' As for the rest, she appears quite young, though it may just be a result of the fusion. At a glance one might peg her for 15 or 16 years old. Her body has even developed a bit of curves and bust.. though not much.

Fortunately for her, despite lacking in legs, she does have arms, ending in small claws that don't look like they'd be any good in combat. She has a small, feminine muzzle that is lighter colored to match her front and occasionally you can see tiny fangs when she speaks. She sports the finlike ears of the normal pokemon, though between them is a mass of hair that flows down her back. The hair seems to have a shine to it, perhaps due to some sort of water-resistant nature.

Her eyes are a deep golden color and her pupils are large and quite pretty. She wears a 'hoodie' that is golden colored, with the 'hood' bearing antenna and the back sporting a couple of small wings. She has a belt pulled tight around where you might call her 'waist' with a small satchel for carrying things. Unsurprisingly, due to the nature of her lower half, she wears nothing there.

Her body is a light pink in color, with her front, muzzle and ears being lighter, nearly white. Her hair is a darker color, shifting a bit towards red, but still definitely in the range of pink.

Common Fusions

Eve is currently unable to fuse and is always a dratini-fusion.


Eve had no real plans to get involved with pokemon. Oh sure, she had nothing against them, and some were cute. Maybe she'd even have a pet. But training and fusing? They weren't quite in her plan. Her plans were more along the lines of 'dancer.'

However, things changed one day. She and some friends had chartered a small boat to take a trip. And there was an accident. An angry gyarados was blamed by some. She found herself trapped in a cabin as the boat capsized, sinking, her pocket of air getting smaller and smaller. Fortunately for her, a friendly pokemon slipped in through an open portal. But there was no way it could truely get her out except one.

How does fusion occur between two people that had just met? A deep fear from one, a deep desire to help from another? Eve doesn't remember much, only that she was small enough to fit out the porthole and woke up a few days later. In a new form that she was unable to return from. She had been told that perhaps it was a 'psychological block' or simply the deep emotions involved formed a perminant bond.

After an 'accident' involving a Pinkanbar, Eve found herself turned pink. After all the things she's been through, it didn't really bother her that much. Her new color led to her becoming a spokesperson for the candy company that develops Pinkanbars. It's a step on her path to becoming a famous dancer, after all, fame has to start somewhere.


She is trying to evolve so that she might get her legs back. Though she has become a very strong dratini, she has yet to become a dragonair. She has developed some interesting dancing methods with her new body, and plans to start her career once she evolves once and stops looking like a child. She also plans to put together a troupe of fusion dancers, as the different body shapes of fusions should allow a variety of interesting dances to be performed.

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