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(How Did We Get Here?)
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Where will yourself? Below is a brief overview of what we know of the Dimensional Cluster..
Where will you find yourself? Below is a brief overview of what we know of the Dimensional Cluster..
=='''Waypoint Zero'''==
=='''Waypoint Zero'''==

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How Did We Get Here?

How the Prime Palkia designed our dimension may never be truly understood. But thanks to the efforts of Team Lunar , we've slowly pulled been able to pull back the curtain a bit and learn a bit about the inner workings of our own dimension, the natures other realities, and the relationship they all share.

Our little tale starts on not-so-happy note, with the outright discovery that alternate dimensions exist with the arrival of a group whose name would ring in infamy. Some time ago, mysterious portals opened up all over Kasei, and Pokemon, all from some alternate version of the Unova region, began pouring into the region. While very few could tell what or who was causing these vortexes at the time, it would soon come to light in an ominous message from the extra-dimensional group known as Team Glacier , and their enigmatic Field commander, a Kyurem-fusion who called herself Lady Kyra. She came to deliver a stern threat: Team Glacier had become the dominant force in their own reality, and was their destiny to conquer ours and any others. They then went quiet...

In response to this potential threat, the League went about creating the 4 Teams of Kasei to address Glacier's threat and any other substantial danger to the region, uniting under the banner of Team Pulsar when the Kasei needs it most. To the end, Team Lunar was commissioned to reverse-engineer Glacier's tech in order to develop an early warning system when and if Glacier should return.

This venture brings to where we find ourselves more presently. In recent months, Team Lunar stumbled across the existence of a new dimension that exists just outside of our spacial divide. It was coined the "Crossroads" because it was believed to serve as a barrier dimension between our reality and Distortion World. After this discovery, the organization began using this secondary dimension for more 'risky' experiments such as the purification of Shadow Pokemon from Team Umbra and studying the affects of extra-dimensional agriculture. We later learned that we just scratched the tip of the iceberg.

During Lunar's test to use the Crossroads dimension as a "slipshot" to launch a craft into low-orbit, the organization's Director accidentally opened a secondary vortex into a completely new dimension, and a mysterious traveler passed through. While the details on this traveler are murky to most, one thing could be certain; he was scientist who was working on dimensional travel from his own side. It was then that an idea was born...

The traveler, a man by the name of Silva, hailed from a dimension very similar to our own as an envoy from a group called Team Altrios, the very parallel to our Team Lunar. They offered to partner with Team Lunar and share knowledge with each other. Together, the groups came to learn that both dimensions are just 2 our of the 13 realities in accessible Cluster, and the Crossroads isn't just a single barrier space, but the 'ocean' that all 13 'islands' exist within. Team Lunar also learned that each of these dimensions are similarly-progressive, meaning that they are nearly identical, save for some major change in history where things diverged. In other words, there is a very good chance that a version of you exists in each of these dimensions. However, mild to major changes are to be expected.

The two groups then decided that they should focus their efforts on mapping the Crossroads as well as exploring of these other dimensions. The joint venture would see the construction of Waypoint Zero, a base station and staging area inside the Crossroads itself, where explorers from both our dimension and Altrios' can venture forth into the unknown dimensions in the hope of making new friends and partnerships....

Where will you find yourself? Below is a brief overview of what we know of the Dimensional Cluster..

Waypoint Zero

A Lunar-Altrios base that is stationed in the Crossroads that serves a staging area and central hub from which explorers can venture to other dimensions.

Dimension 3

The Kasei as you know it, home to all of your friends, family, Pokemon, and most importantly, you!

Dimension 8

The home of Team Altrios, and our first peaceful extra-dimensional contact. This dimension appears to be nearly identical to our own, containing the same kind people and pokemon. Apparently, they, too, fought off an invasion from Team Glacier. Unlike our 4 teams, only 2 exist in this dimension: Team Altrios, a scientifically-progressive research group that resides in a city in the clouds known as Caelum Doctrina, and Team Gaia, the down-to-earth defense force that works together with Team Altrios to ensure the safety of this world.

Dimension 13

The Glacier dimension - Conquered by Team Glacier, a harsh, hostile reality that exists in permanent winter. Presently inaccessible from Waypoint Zero.

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