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According to the oldest and most sacred of Legends of Kasei, Pokemon have existed since man walked the Earth in its humble beginnings. As a matter of fact, the first story told by man says that a certain creature existed before anything else. To truly understand, we must go back many years-when there was nothing else-only the black void of empty space. From the darkness many hands emerged, more numerous than the stars that now dot the sky. From nothing these hands crafted the forces that now make up our universe. Fire. Ice. Lightning. Light. Darkness. The most basic of components grew more and more diverse the longer those hands worked. But then, there was dismay; The Creator could not hope to stop the forces of entropy on his work. Even the most basic elements of all were doomed to fizzle and disappear with enough time.

The Creator realized, while a simple object were at the mercy of entropy and stagnation, a living thing in his image was not. Just as he had created the blank canvas that was universe, he would let other living creatures paint it. From those components he formed the magnificent beasts we know as the True Legendaries. Unfortunately, his creations soon because obsessed their own designs. Unable to compromise on how to detail the new Universe, the creatures fought one and other. The Creator was so dismayed; he retreated to the deepest recesses of creation so he did not have to see his work destroy itself. The war raged on for many millennia, until the very entities of power themselves were exhausted, and unable to fight anymore.

When they looked around however, they saw that their quarrel had created something more. Where the elements clashed, galaxies now existed, and within them, too many planets and stars to count. Unfortunately their battle had left them drained, and they were unable to celebrate their work. The Legendaries faded behind the veil of creation to rest, watched over by their Creator once more.

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