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=Wren's Build Guide=
=Building Guide=
Gonna give an in-general guide here on how to build on proto first.
Gonna give an in-general guide here on how to build on proto first.

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[edit] Building Guide

Gonna give an in-general guide here on how to build on proto first.

When you go to build, first you want to type @dig roomname. Like, @dig Route 5xx, or @dig Yang's Discount Porn Emporium, whichever. Now you'll be left with a dbref of the new room, so copy this down. It should look like #524, ect. Now you have an unlinked room floating in space, essentially, that has no entrance to and no way out of, whcih we need to fix. For this, we need @open.

@open name=room number it's being linked to. Like... @open (D)oor;d=#1435

Now, the stuff before the semicolon, the ; is the name of the new exit, and on proto (At least I think?) you can surround a letter with parenthesis like (d) to give a little highlight for people to guess the shortcut for th exit, which is the stuff AFTER the ; in this case d, for door. It's helpful and stylish to devise exit names so they're articulate and not confusing, and in general I like to use cardinal directions when not inside a building, just watch what you set as the exit aliases after ; because you can cause conflicts and it will only take you one place out of multiple possible exits! Now you'll have a way into the room, or you can @tel #532 for example to get into it, or whatever the database reference number (or dbref) was for the room you just made.

Now we have a new exit leading to our new room, but we don't have a way back out of it, so if you go into it you'll need to @tel or use the ooc lounge command on the game to get out of it. This is bad, so you MUST first typ examine (or exa) or get the dbref of the room you're currently in to tell the next exit you're going to make in your new room to link back to. Now, the important issue here is that unless you have a builder bit set or are a wiz of some kind, on protomuck you will NOT be able to see this dbref (at least if its not a room you don't own, I think) so you will need that, of course you already had that if you got this far, right?

There is also @name, which you will want if you need to rename a room or change it's exit aliases, like so: @name #122=Route (525) - To Lakeside;525;25;ls

The stuff after the dbref and the equals sign is the new name, and the stuff after ; is the new aliases ect.

[edit] Setting room descriptions

This is accomplished mainly by typing editroom and then setting the 'prop' desc in there via an LSedit editor, it's the same type used for character descriptions so formatting such as {nl} work within it.

[edit] Setting the room RPable

(Or making the room have ticks flow)

If the room is an outdoor room, and public, then it ought to have this flag set on it, if it's an indoor sort of place like an apartment or other such private room, it can go without it for obvious reasons.

@set #roomnumber=/@public:1 just like the pokecenter code below, same verse same as the first.

[edit] Setting a pokecenter

@set #roomnumber=/@pokecenter:1

So you'd type @set #542=/@pokecenter:1 for example. All this is doing is setting the room to be recognized as a pokecenter within the folder that info is stored in, and setting it to a 1 for true, 0 would be false, binary yes/no signals like this are used a lot in coding.

[edit] Setting Pokemon

Setting a room's pokemon is handled entirely by +spawnedit, this program allows you to set pokemon by tier and is fairly self explanatory.

[edit] Setting Weather

Rooms by default have no weather here, and must be set with +weather/set. Would you believe the options for all the different weather patterns at first were not showing up due to a bug? (someone forgot to set @swap notify me after the string in which they appear, here we aliased that to 'tellme' in the code, to display it to the user, which was forgotten.) but now it's fixed and should be aces. Yang even wrote and set a giant table showing all the ratios for each weather pattern, enjoy!

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